#AIRBUS | #A320 PAS – Featuring the new #Airspace cabin……..


As Airliners move towards from the industrial to more organic environmental interior designs, with the softer round ergonomically nature in mind…. In which to simulate the nature’s environments like that you’re back with the comforts back at home…. One Innovative features of many that’s being applied in the Airbus 320 PAS Airspace Cabin, is the Mood lighting in which to simulate sunlight throughout the day from sunrise to sunset in that provisionment is the introduction of Mood lighting…  Also a part of newest developments of the Airbus 320– PAS Airspace is the redesign of the cabin windows in which to allow more external lighting with natural light… also with more passenger comfort in mind to allow more of scenic viewing…

Other Innovations is the more carry on luggage space in which has been widening also the cabin width space to allow more seating comfort space… aswell the business class does comes with flatbed seating arrangements for long haul flights.. However the Airspace Cabin interior is customization to the airliner needs..

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