#SpaceX | #CRS12- launched from the iconic Launch complex 39A to resupply the international Space Station- Highlights….


On an instantaneous 14th August 2017  Florida  SpaceX  have successfully launched a commercial resupply services mission, its twelfth- CRS 12– From that NASA- KSC- Iconic launch Complex 39A – Florida in which launched the Saturn five rockets also the Space Shuttle …… The launched occurred on a clear 14th August 2017 afternoon day on 1231 Eastern Day time without any technical issues. The launch is a SpaceX traditional launch in where it’s the first stage of the Falcon nine reusable launcher is return to land at the Cape Canaveral Air force Station ten minutes after the LC39A Launch on landing Zone one.. Dragon with its resupply Cargo is expected to dock with the International Space Station on the 16th August 2017…

Dragon reusable payload consist of 2900 Kilograms of supplies, consist of food,  critical materials of nature to provide 250 science research investigation for the Expedition 52 and 53 Station Crew also last minute payloads for time critical moments.. Also there’s an Argument reality equipment to assist the crew of the space station…. Also a commercial supercomputer in which to test the electronics in space…..

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