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On a Friday 18th August 2017 ULA- United Launch Alliance , on a geo synchronous transfer orbit launch from Cape Canaveral Air force Station from Launch complex 41at launch window time at 0803 morning Eastern Date Time with a forty minute window…… The Partnership Payload is NASA- National Aeronautic and Space Administration’s TDRS-M Tracking Data Relay Satellite –M series high data communications tracking satellite that provides the Space Network with a life cycle of fifteen years’ service…

The Launcher carrier Rocket is the Atlas V 401 powered with the RD 180 Engine with the secondary stage of the Centaur powered with the RL 10C Engine…

TDRS-M Tracking Data Relay Satellite –M, is the provision communications with its sisters in providing communications in support provisions of providing communications with various ground stations on Earth in between The Space Network with various spacecraft like the Space Shuttle mission, the International Space Station then with the Commercial Crew-Resupply Mission also onwards with the SLS- Constellation lunar- Martian- rover missions also with the Hubble Space Telescope as well the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope…..

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