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#YesterdayInAuckland |#Auckland Afternoon wintery – 11- August 2017- One tree Hill – Maungakiekie- A Gallery

August 12, 2017



One tree Hill – Maungakiekie One 11- August 2017-  day  the summit is located in the heart of Auckland City New Zealand, in which it sits in between Epsom, Royal Oak, Greenlane, also Onehunga…  One Tree Hill Can be describe as an organic viewing platform like how long time ago like in Victoria Peak in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong,  but without all the modern commercial amenities in which Victoria Peak has.. In which the Summit has constantly retains is organic Edwardian look with its rich colonial past as to its previous historically nature as it was once was a Fortified Pa Maori Site village in which numerous archaeological features still can be found while the present has caught it up with it past…

One winter afternoon day is the looking in between two harbours, Manukau to towards the Waitemata harbour……

Among viewing from the summit, it’s also the final resting place one of the founding fathers of Auckland Sir Logan Campbell, in which he’s rested in the same location where once the Marae- a community meeting house hall.. Among nearby is a flatbed in which is lowered is where the Pa’s Chieftain Residence once located…


Among its previous past of as great strategic viewing location for defenses, now presently it’s now a civilian kind, for the people to view organically of Auckland has a whole instead of the Inorganic view of Sky Tower in Victoria Street.. Among also its civilian use is the obelisk is the most visible Auckland Landmark in which is a memorial to the Maori People also a visual observation referencing landmark for incoming aircraft to land at Jean Batten International Airport- Auckland International Airport…..


During wartime.. World war two One Tree Hill, Cornwall Park was once a United States military barracks in which this area field was place where it’s training also a well played rugby..

Viewing from the vantage point, you can see most of the viewing range of the Waitemata harbour, towards northward of Albany- As to the southward is the rural Boundaries of Auckland, swing around that view is Thames, Coromandel….. Westward is the beyond the Waitakere’s ranges towards Piha towards the Tasman Ocean…

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