#Airbus #空客 | #A350XWB | #AirFrance takes on first delivery of it first #A350900 #AF350 for its Asia – Transatlantic routes..

On the month of October 2019, Air France has taken its first delivery of its first Airbus A350-900 in which it’s the first sister of its twenty eight fleet of the new wide body aircraft.   In which it has taken its first delivery Ceremony at Airbus Toulouse France…  in which was hand over to the Anne Rigail, Air France Chief Executive Officer and Benjamin Smith, Air France-KLM Group Chief Executive Officer, by Airbus Chief Commercial Officer Christian Scherer…..


Air France taking on with its twenty eight fleet of A350-900 in which featuring its Airbus 350 series  XWB-Xtra Wide Body design featuring in three tier class layout… In which that layout is in its design route of the transatlantic also Asian flight routes… Having with a three hundred and twenty four seats, thirty four are in full –flat business, twenty four in premium economy also in which two hundred economy class seats..

Taking from the fuel economy experience from Cathay Pacific Airways of integrating bio fuels of focusing of the environmental in which providing a twenty five percent carbon dioxide emissions of fuel burn.. taking from interior wise Featuring with Airbus Innovative Airspace by Airbus Cabins in featuring extra layering of comfort in which new Airbus Airspace cabin experiences introducing into with new features with advance inflight WiFi, with new innovated seating economy arrangements with comforting seats that if you’re like seating in business class… with a scientifically designed cushioning head rest that rest your head while sleeping so you won’t need to bring a neck rest… as part of that comfort is WiFi systems in which connects you towards  the rest of the internet connectivity in which from keeping up with you socials towards  allowing you to work while you’re travelling on flight long haul..  Featuring with the advance Airspace Cabin environmental systems it features with the advance Air conditioning systems giving you that right temperature management among with mood lighting ensuring giving passengers that sense of minimizing jet lag as they fly inwardly towards their destination..


Apart from its Traditional design layout of the Airbus 350XWB-900 Series Several major modifications of the airliner in which building up towards the A350-900ULR with relocating the sensors in the fuelling systems in which existing tanks to carry the maximum fuel capacity and load for the ULR variant.. Also fine tuning with its Rolls Royce Trent XWB Engines for that extensive range… with maximum fuel efficiency in mind…



Images credit is from Airbus  Master Films- P. Masclet- JB. Accariez

#Airbus #AirChina | #A350XWB takes first delivery of its first #Airbus 350-900 ..

On eighth of August 2018, Air China celebrated with their first delivery of AirbusAirbus 350-900 Series leading twin engine wide body aircraft… in which is the first mainland China Company to take ownership the Airbus 350-900… Out from ten orders that they placed for the National flag carrier with Airbus  in Toulouse  France…

During the celebration for the first delivery of Air China’s A350XWB -900 of in which it was hosted by George Xu, Chief Executive Officer of Airbus China.. Among with Paul Freestone –Senior Vice President for the Greater China Customer Team..  With Jianxiong CAO, Deputy Party Secretary/ Vice President of Air China Group and China Ltd… during the ceremony it there was gift present in between various parties that was in the changing over hands of the Air China’s first A350-900 series aircraft.. With a gorgeous Chinese landscape paint of cobalt blue mountains…. In between rivers.. Featuring the dancers whom perform the remaining of the handing over ceremony with the blind moved in correlation with the performance they were greet with the ground party awaits the for the first maiden flight

#Airbus #A350XWB | #AirChina – its first A350900 series in the making its first milestone step…..

As Cathay Pacific Airways takes its first milestone Airbus 350-1000 XWB on the month of June 2018 in which became the second carrier airliner operator on the A350-1000 series,  In which Cathay Pacific takes order of twenty orders… in which Air China has taken its first delivery of its first Airbus 350-900 XWB on August 2018,  in which this this is the first of ten that they order..

Air China’s Airbus 350-900 series Milestone Order number N0167 in which was manufactured this year, with the all components  arriving from all over the Airbus fabrication partners from Europe in which was transported by fleet of five Beluga cargo fleet to assemble in Airbus Toulouse, French final assemble facility factory..

As in the making of Air China’s A350-900 series has the latest like Cathay Pacific Airways Airspace Cabin interior technologies… Powered by the mightily Rolls Royce Trent XWB engines… In a three class format with totally of 312 seats, thirty two businesses, twenty four premiums Economy also 256 Economy Seats…

#AIRBUS #CATHAYPACFIC |#HongKong Celebrating the 20th anniversary with the AYO- Asian Youth Orchestra….

As part of the 20th Anniversary of Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong as an SAR- special administrative region…. Airbus and Cathy Pacific Airways celebrated that 20th year anniversary of Hong Kong… Also that Cathy Pacific also Cathy Dragon.. Announces its further more ordering of more Eco-environmentally friendly 31 Airbus 350’s along with furthering 32 Airbus 321-neo to its fleet to replace its aging airliners… in which the Airbus 350’s  replaces the aging Boeing 747-400 also the Airbus 340 series fleet in which newest sister the Airbus 380-800 series take over that market..

As part of the celebrations, on 21 August 2017, the Hong Kong –AYO- Asian Youth Orchestra was flown over in with Cathy Pacific, Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office also Airbus,  In with Cathy Pacific’s A350 XWB newest aircraft with current more in production in Airbus France Toulouse aircraft factory, To perform with a special concert with its sponsors of the tour also with special guest…. In also celebrating that three decades in continuing partnerships together..

#Airbus | #A350XWB – One Hundredth Aircraft delivered… A Milestone…


During this season, on 26 July 2017 Airbus have already delivered it’s Milestone One hundredth Airbus 350 XWB series Aircraft with expected 847 deliveries orders to follow as Airlines start to implement on fleet replacement of their aging fleet.. In which China Airlines have taken its 100th Airbus 350 WXB Aircraft … in which has been proven against the Boeing 787 series..  With innovation for the quietness cabin noise, in which Cathy Pacific took the charge in obtaining the first orders to replace the Aging Boeing 747-400 fleet For a more fuel economically, advanced faster aircraft ….  So congratulations on your first milestone one hundredth Airbus 350XWB..