#AIRBUS #CATHAYPACFIC |#HongKong Celebrating the 20th anniversary with the AYO- Asian Youth Orchestra….

As part of the 20th Anniversary of Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong as an SAR- special administrative region…. Airbus and Cathy Pacific Airways celebrated that 20th year anniversary of Hong Kong… Also that Cathy Pacific also Cathy Dragon.. Announces its further more ordering of more Eco-environmentally friendly 31 Airbus 350’s along with furthering 32 Airbus 321-neo to its fleet to replace its aging airliners… in which the Airbus 350’s  replaces the aging Boeing 747-400 also the Airbus 340 series fleet in which newest sister the Airbus 380-800 series take over that market..

As part of the celebrations, on 21 August 2017, the Hong Kong –AYO- Asian Youth Orchestra was flown over in with Cathy Pacific, Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office also Airbus,  In with Cathy Pacific’s A350 XWB newest aircraft with current more in production in Airbus France Toulouse aircraft factory, To perform with a special concert with its sponsors of the tour also with special guest…. In also celebrating that three decades in continuing partnerships together..

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