#RocketLab #MadeInNewZealand | #StillTesting – flight number two – stage one stack static Rutherford engine testing.


Recently late August 2017 , Auckland Based, Made in New Zealand- Rocket Lab, has recently tested for its second attempt test certification launch for its New Zealand Homemade Electron Carbon fibre Rocket with, it’s innovative 3D printed oxygen/ kerosene Rutherford Engines for its primary components in which clustered to same mirroring pioneering propulsion systems like the Soyuz’s daisy Clustered engines which has a component  print time averagely of twenty four hours..

Previous the first test certification flight nicknamed “it’s a Test” was launched in 25th May 2017.. on the east coast of North Island, at Mahia peninsula in which launch complex one, New Zealand made constructed in the same manner like Space X’s Falcon nine’s also the Roscomos Soyuz’s Launcher carrier transfer pad tractor rocket system to launch pad facilities..

As part of the second static testing was to solve any further issues that resulted from the first flight in findings it was a telemetry data loss issue that lead towards the termination of the “it’s a Test’ first certification flight in which was corrected as part of investigation as Rocket Lab testing out the essentials it’s preparing for its second certification testing flight in which is coming soon..

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