#AIRBUS #A340-300 | #MSN001 #FlightLab – laminar-flow- BLADE makes it first flight for Clean Skies………!


On 26th September 2017, Airbus test flight its first flight of the Airbus 340-300- Laminar flow BLADE test demonstrator aircraft (A340-300 MSN001)… In which the aircraft wings was modified for the EU sponsored clean sky project.. In which BLADE- Breakthrough Laminar Aircraft Demonstrator in Europe…… in which to assess to minimised the aircraft carbon dioxide emissions down to more of five percent also to bringing up more than fifty percent reduction of wing friction… in which first time introduction is the modifications of the wings primary structure in which with the integration with transonic laminar wing profile while still trying to retains its primary design characterises..

A340-300-MSN 001– known as the first test bed for the A340-300 series also now as the Flight Lab took from Tarbes Aerodrome in southern France at eleven in the local time in the morning in making  several trial flights over a duration of  three hours and thirty eight minutes in which they were successful, in which landed smoothly on Airbus Facilities in Toulouse Blagnac Airport…… in this exercise was to measure the tolerances, imperfections in various conditions and environments  that may arise to correction in the development learning process for the sustain the Laminar designs.. in which further flight testing is required to in the months ahead in which required least of one hundred and fifty hours..

As part of the testing it’s installation on the outside of the aircraft is retrofitted inside with complex nerves of specialised flight testing instrumentations stations also working among with an European partnership with extensive experience flight test crew.. Whom can fly the aircraft at Mach in a reasonable flying altitude… among many of the installation were camera pods, also infrared cameras that was installed on the tip of the wings fins..