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SpaceX | FalconNine GPSIII SOV1 – A non-traditional launching of F9 Carrier Rocket for the third times a Charm for Christmas Eve ….

On a 23rd December 2018 New York also Florida , it was the non-traditionally launching of the Space X Falcon Nine, its second attempt due to the first attempt on the previous day it launching conditions didn’t meet launch criteria conditions in which the weather wise that’s closely approaching Cape Canaveral Air force Station began to be unfavourable.. As it approached Cape Canaveral Air force Station’s SLC 40 – Space Launch Complex 40, in which is least ten Kilometers away from the least than twenty years lease of NASA KSC’s LC39A- Launch Complex 39A…..

The 23rd December, launch is the final launch of the SpaceX launch scheduling calendar for the year.. In which an extremely busy one is head for the preparations of Commercial Crew program towards the ISS- International Space Station in which is set to be decommission in year 2025 due to systems and aging of the station ferrying on the New manned next generation block five Dragon reusable module with solar panels that decorative on its main propulsion module ….

Hosting today‘s launch is Michael Andrews, Space X Supply Chain – Siva Bharaadvaj – Integrations and Test Engineer….. This launch when without any arising issues, it launched like wearing a silk slip dress easy to wear……. Launching at on a Morning wintery New York –Florida Sunday at 0851 Eastern Standard Time with a very narrow twenty six minute launch window… This Launch is a Non-traditionally one in which due to the nature of the United States Air force Lockheed Martin GPSIII SOV1 Satellite payload,  in which is an United States Global Positioning System in which its provisionment is to high velocity data communications of Positioning, navigational, and time keeping services, in providing support towards its National Defense goals .. apart from being a National Defense satellite  of being soon to be a thirty one Satellite constellation … in which it’s has Anti Jamming abilities in which a part of the NSS- National Security Space requirements.  In which this payload’s launch is deployed into high elliptically orbit, also its large payload mass forgoing of the tradition of first stage landing…

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