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On 14th April 2018 on a spring east coast weekend Saturday it’s the launch of the  ULA -United Space Alliance’s Atlas V 551 configuration carrier rocket launching from its SLC41 – Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in which the current payload is a that sits on top of the mightily Atlas V rocket with five Supporting SRB’s in supporting the launch of two payload Satellites.. in which the launch of the ADSPC-11 window opens at 1913 hours Eastern Daylight Time..

The two payloads satellites are designated by the Air Force Space Command – AFSPC-11 in which is multi-manifested mission in which the forward satellite is a CBAS- Continuous Broadcasting Augmenting SATCOM- Satellite in which is place in Geo Stationary Orbit in provisionments of high velocities of Data Communications support to ground combatant commanders and upper tier of command … also its other provisionments is to provide multiple arrangements of relaying communications in between its network..  In which its operations operator is the Air Force Space Missile Systems Center..

The rear Payload is the EAGLE –ESPA Augment GEO Laboratory Experiment in which is also including for the launch… Given the five solid rocket boosters that the long payload faring stage is also the eighth in the Atlas V 551 configuration that’s that capable of lifting almost four tonnes into Geo Stationary Orbit in which is powered by those powerful RD-180 engines with the Centaur RL-10-1 Engines…

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