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One notable Ambassador Class is known as the self-sacrificing USS Enterprise C – NCC 1701-C in which disappeared in Narenda three among with the conflicting of four Roluman Warbirds in saving a Klingon Outpost- Yesterday Enterprise… in resulting saving the Klingon Outpost therefore earning the respect of brotherhood loyalty of in between Klingon Empire and United Federation of Planets   in which the Crew of Captain Rachael Garrett served as the heroes of the Klingon Empire in an two part episode of Star Trek- The Next Generation-Yesterday’s Enterprise

The Ambassador Class Program was first founded on the necessary moves as to counter the Roluman new ships in which maneuverabilities was a key factor also the introduction of a new Phaser banks pods in with new types of arrays been brought into installments covering in all firing arcs ranges giving maneuverabilities with both forward and rear torpedo launchers giving the range of turning back into range of Defense then onwards to offensive…  in which gave rapid firing rate than to the single point Phaser pods banks……

forwarding view of the the AmbassadorClass orbiting around earth..

Having the Ambassador Class in being processor of the Galaxy Class in which the Galaxy Class took Ambassador Abilities to its design… featuring new systems learnt from the Excelsior retrofit class in which bringing from Dutronic to Isolinear Circuitry in which brought many changes since 2240’s in which a radical change in the warp geometry was about to brought the drop of warp nacelles below the saucer section in which later provide a longer high warp velocities sustainability’s at a longer period.. In which the ASDB- Advance Starship Design Bureau required..

The 526 meters long Ambassador Class, featuring thirty six decks, in which having two main Shuttle hangers.. On easy access behind ready behind the bridge module arrangement with one clam shell type hanger in the rear of the Engineering section…

Flyby of the Ambassador Class

On Star Trek OnlineThe Ambassador, serve me pretty well in which starting from a Galaxy class then backwards to understanding how the Ambassador inspired the design outlook for the Galaxy..   During captaining the Ambassador Class is has a massive rapid turn rate in which allows you to recharge, your Phaser Arrays, also rapid reloading of the torpedo launchers in which depending what you’ve installed also it depends on your skillset aswell…. There are various variant to choose from the Standard in which is inbetween the Ambassador, the Yamguchi class configuration… In which are in Tier five… But in which there’s the Temporal Ambassador class which was presented during the three year anniversary of Star Trek Online. Also the fleet Ambassador Class in which has more wardrobe options…

Basically with the T5-U configuration bridge station wise its various in between tactical, Engineering, science in which gives you many options to utilities your trained up bridge crew abilities to get the job done..  the next generation up from the Ambassador is the Guardian Class in which it looks somewhat with sleek looks of a very same scale..

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