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Recently there’s been a new way of Aircraft inspections in which it reduces the amount of time.. In which current traditional ways of having a team of engineers of inspecting visually of every details for any fatigue, stress or imperfections along the hulling of the fuselage for in which that takes time, costing in operational time..

Airbus in collaboration with its subsidiary Testia… has developed an advance rapid approach increasing efficient way of facility visual checks also reducing downtime for an aircraft readiness also increasing the quality control of inspections of complying reports for any repairs that needs acquiring..

One major feature is the is the high resolution spectra camera in which the Testia Drone has to through scan all of the fuselage of the aircraft.. In which with the visual data it creates the outlay of the aircraft in which it creates a three dimensional model of the aircraft then within thirty minutes in which is process onto a mobile inspection unit laptop or Desktop to find any required needing to fix defects for attention…. Then it’s ready for the engineers to amend on the go…

Testia Inspection drone utilities anti-collision systems that’s while scanning in a safe distance in which once launched using its laser based obstacle anti-collision systems  in which in a distance keeping the scanning versa its three dimension model at a safe distance but also providing a consistent high quality of optical detail with the right portions..

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