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On a New York Wednesday 24th July 2019…. It’s the launch of the SpaceX Reusable Falcon Nine Reusable Carrier Rocket in which is launching its eighteenth Commercial Resupply Services Mission known term CRS-18, launching from SLC 40- Space Launch Complex at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station- Florida.. on 1824 hours Eastern Date Time – EDT in which during the flight of the launch, nine minutes after the launch the reusable payload Dragon module  in which that payload module will makes it connection point to the very aged  ISS –International Space Station… connection on Friday to complete the resupplying…  In that connection it’ll dock at the Harmony section with geocentric orbit at low earth with an inclination of 51.6 Degrees…

CRS-18- Dragon Module has been used previously in CRS Six mission in 2105 April , 2017 December during the flight of CRS-18  the first staging of Falcon Nine Reusable will make a landing onto to a non-traditional landing  onto  LZ One- Landing Zone One at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station- Florida ….. in which traditionally landings have been on off shore Drone ships stationary berth in between east and west coast of California and Florida……

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