#SpaceX #Telstar19 |#Vantage – launching the reusable #FalconNine traditionally with #OfCourseIStillLoveYou – #highlights


On the 22nd  of July 2018, on a clear dark east coast Cape Canaveral Air Force Station night, Launching from SLC-40- Space launch Complex 40 is the launch of SpaceX new variant block five Reusable Falcon Nine..  The launch criteria for the night went without any issues. In which it launched on it available window of that Sunday at 1150 EDT-Eastern Date Time  in which a following back up if arises it be the following day on the on the same launch timing window..

launching from SLC 40 Cape Canaveral Air force station is the new block five variant SpaceX falcon nine reusable ..

The Commentary of the launch, hosting by SpaceX Automation Software Engineer- Brain Mahlstedt whom hosted previously whom introducing the newly block five variant Falcon Nine in which is advance efficiency that the previously variants.. The launch when without any issues, in which it landed of the Block five Falcon Nine reusable on the Atlantic Ocean Drone ship “Of Course I Still Love you” landing on the drone ship eight point twenty nine minutes with intense climax with a night time landing with footage of the landing was interrupted then the F9 carrier rocket landed on spot…

Landing onto the Atlantic Drone ship ” Of Course I still Love you” eight point twenty nine minutes after liftoff..

The Payload is TELSTAR 19 VANTAGE- HUGHES 63 WEST– deployed thirty two minutes after launch with an interesting green glow of the secondary staging rocket engine nozzle.. TELSTAR 19 VANTAGE is a next generation of Telesat Satellites in which provides high velocity data communications to provide provisionments of various bandwidth communications with a high degree of use of intensive applications for user globally…

Deployment of the Telstar 19 Vantage in which provides high velocity data communications coverage of the American from North Canadian to South..

Located position in sixty three degrees West, into a GTO-Geostationary Orbit with an operational life cycle of fifteen years. Operated by Hughes Network Systems LLC – Hughes, catering towards the South towards the Northern American Canadian Market in providing Bell Canada’s Northwestel with HTS… The manufacturer for the Telstar 19 Vantage was provide by  satellite was built by SSL, a Maxar Technologies….

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