#BlueOrigin #NewShepard | The Crew Module – your journey to orbit Earth towards space..


As on lately on this month of 18th July 2018 on a clear dry west Texas Mission Nine day, Blue Origin have been building up towards the process towards crew passenger flights towards crew civilian passengers commercial flights towards the orbiting around Earth also transportation towards new develop built space stations in which are more advance than the Ronald Reagan era aged NASA’s International Space Station…. In which are commercially run as orbital scientifically run orbital outpost or as orbital hotels in which guest stays in for a moderate modest about of…

As of during this month, Blue Origin’s New Shepard has been preparing for the crew module for passenger certification in which numerous scientific installations onboard, also vigorous testing with the test mannequin Astronaut – Skywalker with various sensor attached, installed into Skywalker provides the additional data required for crew passenger flight certification also during various flight testing it’s been out fitted with various installations to make any necessary modifications to the vehicle also to the lead up toward certification..

Blue Origin Crew module reprises the interior designs of an Airbus 350XWB, also the Airbus 380-800 series with it larger window in which it comprise one third of the crew module surface structure… In which give you great views of Earth like on the International Space Station’s Observational module Cupola with intense immersive views of Earth and surroundings  giving you that feel that your floating in space with the curvature of earth also beyond towards space..

The crew passenger module has been engineered with greatest safety and comfort in mind with aircraft like recline seating, design to experience absorbing the landing impact…  in which as part of the safety systems installed escape motors that pulls the crew module away from the carrier reusable rocket just in case… as the journey in its apex this is the fun part where you’re in almost weightiness, after unbuckling from you seating exploring the surroundings of space..   Also the New Shepard module as some new innovations that currently built into the module with space internet crew passengers will have access to Wifi onboard so they could access earth bound internet also share their experiences on various socials media applications…..

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