#CNSA #China National Space Administration | #BeltAndRoadinitiative – training readiness on a #GobiDesert #Martian Simulation outpost base for Mission Planet Mars for education …..


Located in the Gobi Desert in the PROC China, outside the forty Kilometers from Jinchang Northwest China, is in the location within Gansu Province in which its iconic ancient Silk Road rustic landscape is CNSA- China National Space AdministrationCAS-Chinese Academy of Sciences  Martian educational training outpost simulator base in which the rustic red Gobi Desert sand environment simulates the visual conditions of Mars… as part of CNSA’s educational preparations in with the collaboration in with its Belt and Road Initiative partners, ESA-European Space Agency, ROSCOMOS, also the UNOSA-United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs..  In developing a world leading in Space Sciences and exploration in exploration in Space..

CNSA’s Chinese Academy of Sciences’s Martian’s simulator Outpost, known as “Space Plan C” in which features all the simulated capabilities to live, Mission operations to various requirements on Mars, in which helps to understand inspired students  to work in their related Space Sciences, or sciences field in which the educational base has nine module cabins interconnected with a typical airlock, with its mission control bridge, with BioPak featuring a Bio Cabin in the features grown vegetation on mars for food consumption for a long term mission requirement mission stay..   Tian Rusen-Space Science noted the experiences of visiting the site is that”….  Visitors are able to learn how to live on Mars and Utilize those experiences.. To help future developments on Earth…..”

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