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As Star Trek Online- The Age of Discovery- Star Trek Discovery drawings of the prelude of the fall of starbase one, in which was fallen to the renegade Klingon Faction house – J’Ula, in which attacked a Federation Starbase that’s least one hundred Astronomically Unit from the central core of the United Federation of Planets.. In which was located in the Vulcan Sector…..  In which you storytelling moments from graduation from the Academy towards the critical final moment of the fall of the starbase..  as you graduated with Ensign Sylvia Tilly- Mary Wiseman on USS Discovery –Crossfield class a class is thirty years younger than the constitution class USS Enterprise that commanded by Captain Christopher Pike..

As the Situation draws near, on 23rd January 2018, is the second chapter involves Captain Killy – mirror Universe of Ensign Sylvia Tilly in which there’s been incursion of mirror universe incurring onto the Prime Universe.. in which you’ll journey back towards the Pahvo, in trying the understanding the missing of lost contact with the planet Pahvo also it inhabitants in which finding reconnecting with the Planet Pahvo is critically for the Vulcan Science Academy …. In which two episodes are include for the Ninth Anniversary- Para Pacem in this is titled…

As any new enhancements is the Personal Endeavour systems  in which offers daily challenges in which gives a performance boost.. Apart from that is the new Tier six Vulcan Scout Ship that was featured in series of Star Trek Discovery, in which collecting the right amount omega particles will earn that rewarding of that ship……

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