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What’s to come in the year 2021 in the launching calendar Blue Origin in Florida at Cape Canaveral, is the maiden launch of Blue Origin newest next generation series of reusable larger heavy carrier rockets in which is a competition against with CNSA –China National Space Administration next generation of reusable heavier Long march carrier rockets, also SpaceX heavier Reusable Carrier rockets of the BFR- Big Falcon Rocket series also its Falcon Heavy..

Powered with seven BE-4 engines generation of least four million pounds of thrust power in which has a reusability of twenty five times on landing an off shore landing moving ship after launching from a new rebuilt launch complex 36 still in construction of this moment of 2019…

The New Glenn, length is only ninety five meters under the height of the Apollo Mission Saturn five multiple carrier rocket system.. In which can serve for commercial, civil and national security customers. In which the payload carrier rocket serves with dual BE-3U engines with a seven meter faring carrying forty five metric tonnes LEO-Low Earth Orbit or thirteen Metric Tonnes at GTO-Geo Stationary Orbit.. …

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