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As many games comes with the limited editions with additional accessories, expansion packs like when you in recently purchase Call of Duty – modern warfare two the prestige pack, in which it comes with Night Vision goggles in which surprisingly it does work..

With the Final Fantasy 13 Lightning returns, the box itself comes with some interesting awesome items, there’s first the box itself it comes with awesome box Japanese art work, also with that it comes with a beautiful illustrated art book in with is illustrated with featuring  Tetsuya Nomura and art direction of Isamu Kamikokuryo.. during the exploration of the book in it’s explores the characters of Nova Chrysalia also it’s world…  within the box itself it contains the other items containing a very durable fob watch in which makes as a very nice working functionally timeless jewelry pendant to accessories your wardrobe… fashionably. Among that is the game itself , with a DLC code…

Also the collector’s edition is available through the online stores of Square Enix for the PlayStation plus the Xbox 360

Like to know more about the Final Fantasy 13 Lighting returns collector’s edition…?

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