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Like to help out our favorite London international detective Mr Sherlock Holmes and his slide kick Doctor Watson at 221 Baker street?… Well you can there’s an Sherlock App for you to help out to contribute the solve the most darkest crimes in the United kingdom… in this case you follow help to find clues, in the visually, also finding clues in environments as you go or presented to you in the field…  in one way how this works that you help out in solving clues then  images form the app will be unlock to you to solve ineptly…

The Sherlock the network app is found on the iTunes store… this one way of helping Sherlock and Dr Watson finding clue to assist the case… will go in stores on United Kingdom time of the 20th January 2014… also you could check out the progress of the case in on of Sherlock’s social twitter networks by using the search hashtag #jointhnetwork…  so “ the game a foot..!”

Like to know more where you could partake and assist these two gentlemen in solving their case at the Sherlock the network..?

Also as in United Kingdom time today the ” Sherlock- the Network”   app is out and found in the Apple iTunes store…..

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