STAR TREK ONLINE | season 8.5 – behind the scenes what’s to come

As Star Trek Renegades is ten years from where Star Trek Voyager left off, in celebrating the fourth year anniversary of Star Trek online. Tim Russ is reprising his role as Tuvok four the upcoming episode “A Step Between stars” in where he’s is place commanding officer of the USS Voyager for the incoming season nine…  in this behind the scenes interview by Star Trek online Community Manger Brandon Felczer “BranFlakes” and Tim Russ talks about the incoming season what’s featured in his role in the pilot episode on Renegades, and also “Gods and Men” also his other written projects…

In this upcoming season and the fourth year anniversary should be, very intriguing what to come in season nine, also as to season 8. 5 which happens to be on this month on United States time 30th January 2014…..

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