Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

shore leave just got started…

Elise Arwen Lorien Wasson

Hearing the shuttle hatch door closed, then hearing, looking at the attendant, whom is doing the rounds of safety instructions… surprising it was one of the shuttle crew, looking in the forward section it seems it’s one of the two pilots trying to spell out the instructions in the most common languages, thinking and looking at him it’s normally it’s a hologram as I heard.. Otherwise thinking that this flight is sort of running late…. Looking around then strapping on the shuttle’s seat belt… then later soon seeing my view of the Paris rose thought the window… getting higher.. Higher until seeing the building roof tops… this is it. My long shore leave…. Then looking in the distance….looking in an urban street, a building with a white grey Edwardian Parisian roof top….  For once I’m leaving my city of work…  Then that feeling, the shuttle’s engines vibration humming smoother, as…

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