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Today it’s the 28 January 2014; over here it’s a clear day well relatively where you are… Also today it’s the releasement of what the first twelfth Doctor hero attire look like, knowing  the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith’s attire has gone to some interesting costume changes as the three seasons  evolving to his hero attire in the episode of “ The Time of the Doctor”.

Looking at Peter Capaldi’s Doctor’s hero attire… has the remembrances of the 11th Doctor… the clean lines  waist coat also the dark black, Gallifreyan red line coat, plus those stomping gentlemen polished shoes or boots like if he raid or borrowed from a Doc Martens shoe store..  But one thing that I did notices it the blue, and red bow ties in which no long resides around the buttoned up collar.. Guessing that Peter’s trademark for now… the “Rebel Time Lord” fashioned by Howard Burden..

When I look at Capaldi’s 12th Doctor Hero’s attire…. I noticed it’s homage to Hurt’s War Doctor, David’s and Matt’s Doctor…. In sense that the coat has seen wartime adventures during the time war even though it’s regenerative fresh…  And it’s missing the Sonic Screwdriver shoulder shot gun holster…  The cut of the coat has the hall marks of all three Doctors from the “Day of Doctor” it has David’s upper buttoned jacket, also Matt’s, Hurt’s coat cut to it..  The waist coat is very Hurt’s also very Matt Smith’s

As to the pants it fashionably Matts and Hurt’s… The trousers’ cut… Is basically the two… Also with the shoes or boots… Both solidly for hard adventuring wearing…  it’s should be intriguing of what they will come up next as the season progresses as of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor wardrobe akin to the Matt’s..   In which we’ll see in the UK’s northern hemisphere’s Autumn BBC’s airing calendar…

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