#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #HKIA #HongKongInternationalAirport | #HKGMyflight #MyTag Mobile Application making your journey easier- featuring Eliza Sam

In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, HKIA – Hong Kong International Airport has an innovative mobile application in HKG My Flight innovative features that make your flight travel journey with efficiency in which as you enter the HKIA it instant connects you to the HKIA Airport’s free high velocity  WiFi network so instead of paying for Data Charges from you mobile carrier..

 One of the many features  is My Tag in which is in which gives you real time information on Baggage Arrival Notice in which you can purchase the MyTag  at the Hong Kong International Airport to track you baggage in real time in App on you mobile devices in where your baggage or more where your, arrive in which gives you real time updates as you scan your Baggage MyTag QR code in which sets it tracking throughout the Airport  apart from that it also gives inform you with Real time Boarding alerts for your tracked flights..

Apond arrival at Hong Kong International Airport, finding your way in the world leading international aviation Hub can become very adventurous in finding directions in where HKGMyFlight has an Augmented Reality Way finding within the HKIA directions with the indoor map, which locates many locations and contact points of the Airports facilities, shopping, eateries, restaurants also other key areas within the Airport.. as your point your HKGMyFlight application   it translated towards your language, translating the Airports directional signage for international visitors whom maybe lost in translation for directions..


Within the HKIA’s HKGMyflight it gives you information in which finding various modes of public Transport and Car parking facilities in which the Airport has a great friendly service in finding you the right of mode of transportation towards your destination towards the city region to and from the airport, also Car parking Availability, with also Car parking Booking…..

As you go shopping in which instead of waiting in line for your purchase you can purchases the items inside the HKGMyFlight Application eco system in which you can collect your items at the HKIA’s Collection point Concierge as you depart..

The HKIA- Hong Kong International Airport HKGMyFlight Application is available on all three mobile Operation Software on Apple’s iTunes, Google Play also Android..

#TaylorSwift | @taylorswift13 #TheSwifLife – a first look at a new social platform..



Coming soon in the later year of 2017 is a new social application is going to be installed in the iTunes and Google Play Store is Taylor Swift’s new Social Application The Swift Life”  in which the application is associated developments in with Glu Mobile whom have developed many other social applications eco-systems..

The Swift Life, creatively innovative Eco-systems has many elements of social platforms in which taking up with elements of Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook with exclusive contents also interactions in between with fans that make up Swift Life Communities also you can friend others in building up your group also connecting with Taylor aswell as she interacts with her fans on their social platforms  … in which the application is free to download… In later in the year of 2017 we shall see how the full application social platform brings out with some innovative features…

#MARS #LockheedMartin | Mars Walk Virtual Reality App- exploring Mars from Earth..

As today’s children that are sitting  in school today are the Mars Generation in which, in  they ‘ll will be exploring, adventuring, learning about  the Universe whether it’s in the classroom or at home with various different of design devices.. from old school books to the modern equivalent variants of computer devices … one design device in particular is the Smart Phone, in which  Lockheed Martin have brought out into the iTunes also Google play store…..

Lockheed Martin’s- Walk on Mars- Virtual Reality APP takes you on multiple challenges along the way as you  explore the Red Planet Mars on your smart phone.. As it takes you on several Martian expeditions, as your journey to Mars takes you from Earth towards locating Mars in starry night sky once locating Mars you’ll be travelling to Mars…… Exploring it’s landscape, collecting various items that it’ll assist you in surviving Mars, in which finding those items in different regions of Mars, in which will help you to learn various historical moments that Humanity have achieved, also in exploring various regions you’ll learn about the different weathering environments in which you’ll get constant weather updates from the Curiosity Rover network in the Martian Weather..

The application is educationally interactive immersive, in which it’ll take you there virtually in inspiring the today’s generation for the Mars Generation…..

STAR WARS |listening your sick beat on a Death Star Bluetooth Speakers…?

Think Geek- Star Wars -Death Star Bluetooth Speakers

For the Rebels whom that you love who love studying out the Death Star and finding its weakness…. Then this “The Death Star Bluetooth Speakers” and listening to some serious tunes too, while you work on the solution of doing that… The four and half inch diameter Death star speakers makes brilliant desktop model also a very modest night light as well it’s on its lights up in the dark when it’s on helping you out where your desktop lamp switch is…

There’s one thing  I like about the Death Star Speakers orthough it’ll accessories  you Star Wars theme home office, bedroom or that star wars place in your home,  but it’s simplistic spherical  design will match any type decor at home..

The Death Star speakers are platform on a clear Acrylic stand so you can see almost hover above your desk while station it around with the models of Rebel fleet… As you connected your devices to it… It can Stream music up to 10 meters away, that’s least 30 feet range…  it’s compatible with Bluetooth 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, and 2.1+EDR enabled devices.. And it’s readily Auto link with a simple Bluetooth setup from your device… also it charges via USB ports with cabling included…  In which think you could charge it via your PC or the iPhone Charger….

DOCTOR WHO |like to hear the sound with TARDIS in ear headphones…?

Entertainment earth -Doctor who – Tardis in ear head phones

Given that you love watching “Doctor who” then you also love listening to the audio books aswell its either from a CD or download from iTunes… then you might like this “Doctor Who Tardis in ear head phones” .. It’s partition in half so gives you also the look that you’ve wearing Jewelry… With a flat surface so it fit very to implaced in your ears…they also comes in “a Red Dalek“ Adipose” also in given that if you want to left alone to listen to your music its “ the Weeping Angel” ..  The Doctor who series headphones comes out in October 2014 this year..