#MARS #LockheedMartin | Mars Walk Virtual Reality App- exploring Mars from Earth..

As today’s children that are sitting  in school today are the Mars Generation in which, in  they ‘ll will be exploring, adventuring, learning about  the Universe whether it’s in the classroom or at home with various different of design devices.. from old school books to the modern equivalent variants of computer devices … one design device in particular is the Smart Phone, in which  Lockheed Martin have brought out into the iTunes also Google play store…..

Lockheed Martin’s- Walk on Mars- Virtual Reality APP takes you on multiple challenges along the way as you  explore the Red Planet Mars on your smart phone.. As it takes you on several Martian expeditions, as your journey to Mars takes you from Earth towards locating Mars in starry night sky once locating Mars you’ll be travelling to Mars…… Exploring it’s landscape, collecting various items that it’ll assist you in surviving Mars, in which finding those items in different regions of Mars, in which will help you to learn various historical moments that Humanity have achieved, also in exploring various regions you’ll learn about the different weathering environments in which you’ll get constant weather updates from the Curiosity Rover network in the Martian Weather..

The application is educationally interactive immersive, in which it’ll take you there virtually in inspiring the today’s generation for the Mars Generation…..