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In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, HKIA – Hong Kong International Airport has an innovative mobile application in HKG My Flight innovative features that make your flight travel journey with efficiency in which as you enter the HKIA it instant connects you to the HKIA Airport’s free high velocity  WiFi network so instead of paying for Data Charges from you mobile carrier..

 One of the many features  is My Tag in which is in which gives you real time information on Baggage Arrival Notice in which you can purchase the MyTag  at the Hong Kong International Airport to track you baggage in real time in App on you mobile devices in where your baggage or more where your, arrive in which gives you real time updates as you scan your Baggage MyTag QR code in which sets it tracking throughout the Airport  apart from that it also gives inform you with Real time Boarding alerts for your tracked flights..

Apond arrival at Hong Kong International Airport, finding your way in the world leading international aviation Hub can become very adventurous in finding directions in where HKGMyFlight has an Augmented Reality Way finding within the HKIA directions with the indoor map, which locates many locations and contact points of the Airports facilities, shopping, eateries, restaurants also other key areas within the Airport.. as your point your HKGMyFlight application   it translated towards your language, translating the Airports directional signage for international visitors whom maybe lost in translation for directions..


Within the HKIA’s HKGMyflight it gives you information in which finding various modes of public Transport and Car parking facilities in which the Airport has a great friendly service in finding you the right of mode of transportation towards your destination towards the city region to and from the airport, also Car parking Availability, with also Car parking Booking…..

As you go shopping in which instead of waiting in line for your purchase you can purchases the items inside the HKGMyFlight Application eco system in which you can collect your items at the HKIA’s Collection point Concierge as you depart..

The HKIA- Hong Kong International Airport HKGMyFlight Application is available on all three mobile Operation Software on Apple’s iTunes, Google Play also Android..

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