#CNSA China National Space Administration | # BeltAndRoadinitiative #LongMarch3B #CarrierRocket #BeiDou launching twin innovative Communications- navigation satellites….

On Sunday 29th July 2018, “CNSA China National Space Administration”… has recently successfully launched a reliable Long March 3B series carrier rocket… from one of many CNSA launch complexes facilities installations around PROC China… Launching from Xichang Satellite Launch center from Southwest China, Sichuan Province..

The reliable Long March 3B launched successfully on time, on a Sichuan Morning 0948 hour local time… launching the two hundred and eighty first mission for the Long march Carrier Rocket series… In which launching the twin satellites of the BeiDou Constellation Navigation system deployed three hours latterly after the Sichuan morning launch with fine tuning also tweaking testing to full operation orderly with the network…..   in which both twin BeiDou twins are the thirty third and thirty fourth in that navigationally  constellation network.. Manufactured by CAST- China Academy of Space Technology, also it respective partnership collaboration with the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology…

On Sunday 29th July 2018, CNSA- China National Space Admistraton… has recently successfully launched a reliable Long March 3B series carrier rocket of the BeiDou 33th 34th constellation satellite….


The fourth global communications network, The BeiDou Constellation is named after the big Dipper Constellation that points towards the Tortoise massive fortress mouth gate of Heaven in which is the Northern Pole star Polaris… The BeiDou Navigational Communications providing  for the Belt and Road Initiative  trade navigational communications providing provisionments for the Asia –Pacific region serving since the turn of the century year 2000 also year 2012 for the Asia-Pacific region..

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