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Think Geek- Star Wars -Death Star Bluetooth Speakers

For the Rebels whom that you love who love studying out the Death Star and finding its weakness…. Then this “The Death Star Bluetooth Speakers” and listening to some serious tunes too, while you work on the solution of doing that… The four and half inch diameter Death star speakers makes brilliant desktop model also a very modest night light as well it’s on its lights up in the dark when it’s on helping you out where your desktop lamp switch is…

There’s one thing  I like about the Death Star Speakers orthough it’ll accessories  you Star Wars theme home office, bedroom or that star wars place in your home,  but it’s simplistic spherical  design will match any type decor at home..

The Death Star speakers are platform on a clear Acrylic stand so you can see almost hover above your desk while station it around with the models of Rebel fleet… As you connected your devices to it… It can Stream music up to 10 meters away, that’s least 30 feet range…  it’s compatible with Bluetooth 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, and 2.1+EDR enabled devices.. And it’s readily Auto link with a simple Bluetooth setup from your device… also it charges via USB ports with cabling included…  In which think you could charge it via your PC or the iPhone Charger….

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