STAR WARS-FASHION | something warm for wintery fall – your Princess Leia Hoodie…?

Her Universe- Keeping you warm- Princess Leia Hoodie…

For this coming wintery Fall, as the season change to Wintery seasons and you’re basically moderately outdoors and also … it’s getting cold like the Planet Hoth well almost then this “ Her Universe-Princess Leia Hoodie” is for keeping you warm during the Hoth like winters.. It’s great to wear during the wintery indoors, also keeping with your head warmth is the warm Princess Leia hood also cotton buns help to keep your ear warm also the white zip collar…  The hoodie is inspired by Princess Leia’s white episode four’s heroine long dress… it comes with a beautifully created detail grey belt, the hoodie as an internal concede zip helping you keeping your warmth inside also the flared sleeves too.. Also for guys this might be great for your girlfriend letting her know that’s she keeping warm..

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