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On season nine Star trek online… That Starbase one or known as Earth Space dock… Has been serve damage in multiples areas in the undine attack also there was one floor of the Starbase that was in complete Damage as you and Admiral Turvok investigate the attack on the base as a decoy but the real cause is to attack the Klingon home world.. Qo’nos… to destabilize the Alpha Quadrant in the year 2409…

In this the Developers at Star Trek online, Cryptic took a while to get things right… In getting the Starbase right… in that process of launching the new Starbase renovate remodeling there was an absence of ” clubbing at Club 47″, and the night life on the Starbase was no existed unless you party onwards to may parts of the station,  in that absences a  temporary replacement has been set up  a cylinder round waiting room…  Where it was right next the Starbases transporter room… as in previously mention in up to the” season nine Developer redesign of post” they were progressively planning out was to come in expand the maps of the station…

Star Trek online- Star base Club 47- Disco room

As a part of the clubbing scene, the Developers wanted to get the Club 47 like a real clubbing experience with a DJ some expansive kaleidoscopic dance floor… Given the club need to be independent of the other concourse also the other parts of the Starbase…  as clubbing goes knowing there are many unique various parts to a club..  Given a dance floor also some relaxing areas like if you’re in a café book shop.  Also a great views room to see the internal Shipyard and Earth aswell…

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