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During this year 2014 October to the mid November… there has been some impressive nights with the moon Luna lighting the starry night skies… progressively the planet Mars 15 light minutes ago away have been progressively moving in from a Con-junction with the Planet Saturn least hour ago away.. but now at the moment not seen as I’m posting this. As it settled down very early in the evening.. as seen from Southern Hemispheric , Auckland New Zealand… as the month progress from October, The planet Mars  path into the constellation of Sagittarius below it as it’s known as the teapot know if you can see the stick drawings of one..

As in the month of October came there was a Luna Eclipse on the eighth of October on that windy cloudy night… massively teasing the eclipse viewers..  Progressively on some clear nights there has been some awesome views of the shadowy cratered depths of the moon has it goes from the beginnings of the first quarter to the third… And recently days there have been some good International Space station spotting on the path across above the Pointers Rigel Kent- Alpha Centauri in which points the Crux the Southern Cross that inspired the New Zealand Flag…

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