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On the Week of 19th May 2023 Hour Hong- Kong SAR – Beijing time CNSA –China National Space Administration   it’s the unboxing with the contents of Tianzhou Cargo Spacecraft number six it arrived on the 10th May 2023 connecting with CNSA- Tiangong –China Space Station….

Shenzhou 15 Takionaut Zhang Lu, will explain to you the whole process of the Chinese space station 梦天实验舱 cargo airlock cabin load automatic out of the cabin operation process of installing an experimental scientific equipment from the module to using in Space..  The first release of 天宫教程Online Course In order to continue to promote the project to carry out space science education for the whole society, especially for young people to spread manned spaceflight knowledge and culture, the China Manned Space Engineering Office launched the “Tiangong Classroom” online In the course series, the first lesson introduces the “load out of the cabin task”. The Shenzhou 15 Takionaut crew is about to complete a 6-month “space mission”, during which they cooperated to complete a number of space station cargo missions. Today, Takionauts and ground experts will appear on the scene together to explain in detail the process of loading out of the cabin and the professional knowledge contained in it.

天舟六号# The Tianzhou-6 cargo spacecraft is loaded with materials such as consumables, propellants, and application (test) test devices for six Takionauts on Shenzhou 16 and Shenzhou 17. In order to improve the cargo transportation capacity, the Tianzhou-6 cargo spacecraft for this mission has been optimized and improved, and the cargo spacecraft launch requirement has been optimized from 2 times a year to 3 times in 2 years, effectively reducing transportation costs. In addition, the spacecraft is also equipped with projects such as the experimental satellite of Dalian University of Technology.

This mission is the first mission of my China, People’s Republic of China’s manned spaceflight project to enter the application and development stage of the space station. It is the 28th launch mission since the project was approved and implemented, and it is also the 472nd flight of the Long March series of launch vehicles.

Images and visuals are from their Respectives CMS China Manned SpaceCNSA-China National Space Administration

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On the 14th November2022 Hong Kong SAR – Beijing time CNSA –China National Space AdministrationFollowing towards the arrival of The Takionauts are working in  梦天 Mengtian Experimental Module The Mengtian experimental module docked with the space station assembly. After completing the basic configuration of the “T” shape, the Shenzhou 14 Takionauts crew completed the cargo package arrangement, Equipment installation, etc., and unlocked the “space rowing machine” – a microgravity resistance exercise device. Come and see the wonderful life of Takionauts in the China Space Station.

On the 12th November2022 1003 Morning Hour Hong Kong SAR – Beijing time CNSA –China National Space Administration    The Chang Zheng – Long March 7 Y6 Carrier Rocket launched rocket successfully launched the Tianzhou 5 cargo spacecraft! China’s Long March rocket broke the “shortest” launch interval record] At 10:03 on November 12, the Long March 7 carrier rocket lifted off at the Wenchang Space Launch Site in China, and successfully sent 天舟五号货空船  into the scheduled orbit and launched The mission was a complete success. Tianzhou-5 is the first visiting Advance Cargo Spacecraft after the completion of the third module of my country’s China- people’s Republic of China’s space station. It is the first time to dock with the “T” configuration combination (including radially docked manned spacecraft). Implement cargo spacecraft rendezvous and docking. The rockets and spacecraft launched this time were all developed by China Airlines. This is the 449th launch of the Long March series of launch vehicles

天周5 successfully launched….Tianzhou 5 brought fresh fruits and plant seeds, as well as test loads] #Tianzhou 5 cargo spacecraft# was loaded with astronaut systems, space station systems, and cargo in the field of space applications. 5 tons, carrying about 1.4 tons of additional propellant, which will provide material support for the three-person crew of Shenzhou 15 to stay in orbit for 6 months, space station assembly and construction, and space applications. Among them, fresh fruits and plant seeds are highly anticipated. These fresh-keeping fruits will better meet the nutritional needs of astronauts when they arrive at the space station, while rice, wheat, corn and other staple crops and a small amount of tree seeds are used for space breeding experiments. . In the future, these seeds will be returned to the ground through manned spaceships, and they will be put into the market after being cultivated on the ground. At the same time, it also carried three test loads, making full use of the upward capacity resources of the cargo spacecraft, supporting the development of space science and technology experiments, and improving the comprehensive benefits of flight missions

Images and visuals are from their Respectives CMS China Manned SpaceCNSA-China National Space Administration  

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