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Here we have the one of the final battle scenes sequences between the dual human controlled giant robot Jaeger “Gypsy” and the Kajiu, in raining downtown Hong Kong street side in which was the very last part of the post and production of the movie done by Lucas Films | Industrial light an Magic.

In the composting there was miniature sets used in the film of the use of 3D printing, in order to accelerate  the modeling  and filming process,  as seen one the scenes that of the building floors in that fabrication with scale lighting of that very floor getting ready to be smash into by the Jaeger fist in a orderly scale outfitted with a green shape of a fist.   In the process of the production,  which the 3D printing was to create the scale sets of fourteen size work office cubicles, where in one of the elements printed was the workstation flat screen computer monitors, also workstations itself, and other elements done by 32Ten studios whom work on other projects such has Transformers movies Indiana Jones series plus many more..

Like to know more about Pacific Rim also the works of 32Ten Studios..?

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