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Looks like there’s going to be new updates on Star Trek online in readiness for celebrating  the fourth anniversary on 30th January this year of 2014… and looks like it that Q will be staying around little bit more after the winters event  in Q’s wonderland…

In the celebration, there are three new awesome Starships, in which I can’t wait to see what abilities, consoles arrangement, the look designs they have on them between the Federation, Romulans, and the Klingon… also there’s new Voth hybrid designs integrating between the standard stock Starships,   it’s like having a moment it’s like going to Mars and trying to find out what’s out there in the remote part of Utopia Planitia fleet yards…  but closed for the moment  being..

As when “The Sphere of influence” episode was done, it looks like there’s going to be another Star Trek actress/actor reprising her/his role… for that it’s a mystery as when they decide to have Denise Crosby or reprise her role as Empress Sela, as Tasha’s daughter…

There’s something interesting also, the switching between your Starships between in sector and social space, looks like that also will have pre-made build outs saved on your current ships, also that you’ll get to partition out your Starships in where they classified as in the PVP or the PVE categories… but the good thing thou is reading the blog and getting excited is that the increase in the ship limit slots, in which knowing to akin, that there are players whom horde Starships in there ship yard rather than ground equipment like in Skyrim whom horde lots of stuff in there adventures…

Like to know more of  Season eight point five on Star trek online..?

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