SLIDESHOW | 2014 January – Luna photography

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This month I got do to some Luna Photography it’s been a while. During the month it was mostly cloudy during the early parts of the first week, but that continued for a while, until there were some openings in the blue or the night clear skies in which gave some promising view of the moon, one good thing is viewing the shadows casted on the Luna surface giving them depth in height and scale of the how large it is.. Sometimes it’s best to view the moon where is very crescently to least past two quarters so you could see the scaling visually least 1.2 seconds ago of the surface..

Also other starry objects for this month in the southern hemisphere… at most of the Amazing starry objects seen in the Daylight savings Auckland evening rising over from the East… Like the constellations Canis Major,  Orion, Taurus, as leading  the Pleiades ( the seven sisters, Subaru )  as below the in the distance is the Planet Jupiter in the constellation Gemini…

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