VOLKSWAGEN | Tiquan Concept Car- the Jeep’s Grand Cherokee Competition…!


Given that you love style in Urban off roading, beside off roading in all conditions like the “Jeep Cherokee or the Grand Cherokee TrailHawk”…. then the “VOLKSWAGEN Tiquan” is the next Concept car to accessories your garage… which was featured in motor show in Frankfurt am Main from 17th -27th September 2015

Also Liking the filming location where Jeep did there Commercials on the streets of demonstrating the Jeep Cherokee Tail Hawks Performance on a modified Snowy forest Environment on the Streets of Vancouver West Coast of Canada in which have amazing forestry terrains to drive around..Where this time its VW turn for a urban feel..

The Heritage lines, from the side and rear with it soft sharp lines, it’s in between Jeep Grand Cherokee, Cherokee, and the BMW X5, but the front has it unique European contemporary  VW grill Signature with its Auto bot LED Rocket projector lights…in which the rear has three dimensional glass..

Having almost the same features like the Jeep TrailHawk Range all terrain select which you could terrain adventure what environment that you’re driving at, like Lane assist, Trailer Assist, and Area View.. as of its Navigational it’s very akin to the Car net Guide and connect  also security and service..  it should be interesting how the Tiquan the Concept car perform also competes with the Jeep’s and Land Rove Range for  All Terrain vehicles..

STAR TREK | Volkswagen E-mobility – Shanter and Ninmoy …..?

A while back on galaxy far away “Volkswagen” did a “Star Wars” commercial on that month of February a where a kid dress as the mini version of that Darth Vader ..  And his exploration of the force around his home until he exploration leads to the his folks VW Passat been activated..  Well this year it’s “Star Trek” for VW… as they embark into Driving the newly innovative technology of the new Golf variants of sort of looking like the inspired retrofitted Enterprise with the interior details of the Bridge aswell.

In this we see a young boy whom sees William Shanter Captain Kirk wearing his gold jersey just moving into his neighborhood just across the road from his house and decides to goes into his bedroom with all the Trek Memorabilia and comes out wearing a captains gold shirt from his blue…   he hops in then they went for a drive then they met Leonard Ninmoy wearing his blue science jersey,  driving a sporting sleek version of the XL-1. And saying “fascinating” as they stopped and cross looking each other as one scene in Fast And Furious in with O’Conner and Toretto…