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Sometimes Santa Claus does have a hard time in catching up with the times towards the new found Diction and Vocabularies that every next each generation of children speak as New Zealand Children do put a twist in speaking various words in which is not easy for Santa whom is constant busy all the time in which granting wishes for all the children around the world..

In this case picking all the wishes from all the New Zealand Kiwi children, is difficult to understand as the instructions to the workshop misinterpreted the requested instructions so what Santa has to do to get clarification of the Kiwi Accent with different Vowels… Is to ascertain help from Air New Zealand’s three wise Flight Attendants to help with the communications of interpretation …. Like interpreting PuggyBank to Piggy Bank, Biscuits Ball to Basket Ball..

#MirryChristmus #AirNZXmas

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