#Airbus #空中客車公司 |#A320neo |#多彩贵州航空 #ColourfulGuizhouAirlines the first in the making of its first sister colourfully expanding beyond #GuizhouProvince in the #PeoplesRepublicOfChina – #China ..

Recently this year later fourth quarter in between September –November 2019,  the Colourful airlines Chinese Domestic Airliner,  Colourful Guizhou Airlines have received its first Airbus A320 Neo, in which providing flight routes servicing passengers in Guizhou in which connecting the South West of the People’s Republic of China-China also connecting towards the rest of the country.. In which the new fleet of the Airbus 320 Neo’s expands Guizhou Airlines sky passenger ways in which improving the passenger connectivity within the country…

Guizhou Airlines is an airliner domestically operated based in Guiyang international Airport, Guizhou province. The livery of the airliner signals as the colourful cultural diversity within the Guzhou Province as it flies towards over twenty key cities within China..

Airbus 320 Neo  series in which is the next generation of Airbus 320’s design heritage……As the new Airbus 320 Neo in which should be interesting with what engine type that you would like to install…

With major advance modifications among with the modifications is the two new engine choices Pratt & Whitney’s PurePower PW1100G-JM , or the  CFM International’s LEAP-1A – along with Sharklet™ wingtip devices… in which both engines in which provide massive degrees with fuel efficiency providing that with efficiency is its Wing tip devices as the design of the Airbus 320neo  has been design with fuel efficiency and savings …..

As part of the innovationally AirspaceByAirbus  is the interior space saving, also its comfort in maxing out the interior size with twenty percent more height with sixty five percent wider within the Airbus ACJ Family ..One other features is the lower cabin altitude with an equivalent to an averagely of 19507.2 meters in which give passenger comfort atmosphere to almost to the same environment as they experiencing on ground altitude..

 One other thing that comes out with Airbus is the innovation of standardisation of the Commonality by design, as the same cockpit design share the same design with the same flight characterises that makes a pilot transition easier high quality certification at a lower cost without going for the retraining process of a long durations relearning a new cockpit design … The new Cockpit design is enabled fly by wire.. Also there’s numerous Airbus trained pilots available than Boeing’s..

#AirNewZealand | Celebrating #InternationalWomensDay

On Eighth March 2017 “Air New Zealand” Celebrates “International Women’s Day”, in which is thanking the exceptional more than 4,900 phenomenal women whom work for the Airline as they innovative, multitasking on so many levels in solving problems and creating solutions with strategies in operating, in on behind in front the scenes in making the airline fly an every day to day basis..

In which this shows various the many working women behind the scenes with various roles undertaken in whom inspires us…Which woman inspires you? #InternationalWomensDay ♀

#AIRNEWZEALAND #ALREADYTOMORROWINHONGKONG | #AIRNZHK – Air New Zealand Hong Kong style -traveling to New Zealand …..

As “Air New Zealand” always stepping up its Oscar Awarding in-flight safety videos with the memorable ones like the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, with the latest addition with Rhys Darby and Anna Faris with Hollywood film thematic genre in mind….. In the latest addition of getting the Asian market is always traditional Hong Kong, as Hong Kong is known to be China’s major in also outbound Hub when someone newly comes to China its Always, Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, is the first taste into China, the modern Cosmopolitan, Sophisticated as Hong Kong is mathematical equation, chemistry fusion of East meets west…

As Air New Zealand partnership with Cathy Pacific to provide more  flights in between Hong Kong and New Zealand.. in the later series of very comedic informative advertisement Air New Zealand provides a more Hong Kong Style in bringing Hong Kong travelers to as New Zealand as a main destination with many occasions, such as that the flight attendant introduces various suggestion to a passenger that New Zealand is the one place stop with New Zealand romantically scenes to have your wedding reception..  With great naturist beach scenes in Auckland to have your timeless wedding photograph also with great world well known wedding dress designers,  that you can’t go wrong in Cantonese Dialect..

Also when traveling comfortably Air New Zealand introduces the Sky Couch on the ten hour long haul flights between Hong Kong to Auckland where you can book the whole three seat isle where it is made comfortably in economy class into a bed given that you miss out on Business class… Unless you’re on Business class where you can experience sampling or drinking the out from New Zealand’s promenade winery collection from New Zealand wine yards…  One guy what’s intended to do the whole bottle with one thing on his mind it’s it that good…?


#AIRBUS #A350WXB | Lufthansa get its first A350WXB-900……… a milestone..


As promenade Airliner Carriers from the industry, start to set on fleet replacement of their current fleet of passenger carrier aircraft, such as Cathy Pacific in replacing their aging Boeing 747-400 fleet with the more modern, fuel efficiency faster aircraft, for the Airbus 350XWB-1000 in which at the moment is in flight qualification trials and certification process with its three testing demonstrations aircraft in which is set to be manufactured for production next year ….

In this case “Lufthansa” has undertaken its first “Airbus 350WXB-900” in which is flight destination routes is set forwarding for long haul flights, in between Munich to Delhi to Boston flight radius range… in which the Aircraft is powered up by dual Roll Royce engines.. Featuring three classes in which 224 Economy, 21 premium Economy, also 48 Business seating which new seating comforts.. Those comforts also featuring in the new next generation of all inflight Entertainment systems, in which inflight connectivity….

Lufthansa A350WXB-900 series livery is lovely simple, it straight forward with its iconic logo with it navy blue livery colours, in with the Helvetica typeface …… with the base colour white…   as you see in the first is delivered first in various parts with team of five Airbus Beluga’s towards the Toulouse assemble yards in France in which it’s constructed assembled, then painted.. Then latterly with its Rolls Royce Engines installed with the new interior cabin at the same time….. Then system tested before officially handing the aircraft over milestonely…