#AIRNEWZEALAND #ALREADYTOMORROWINHONGKONG | #AIRNZHK – Air New Zealand Hong Kong style -traveling to New Zealand …..

As “Air New Zealand” always stepping up its Oscar Awarding in-flight safety videos with the memorable ones like the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, with the latest addition with Rhys Darby and Anna Faris with Hollywood film thematic genre in mind….. In the latest addition of getting the Asian market is always traditional Hong Kong, as Hong Kong is known to be China’s major in also outbound Hub when someone newly comes to China its Always, Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, is the first taste into China, the modern Cosmopolitan, Sophisticated as Hong Kong is mathematical equation, chemistry fusion of East meets west…

As Air New Zealand partnership with Cathy Pacific to provide more  flights in between Hong Kong and New Zealand.. in the later series of very comedic informative advertisement Air New Zealand provides a more Hong Kong Style in bringing Hong Kong travelers to as New Zealand as a main destination with many occasions, such as that the flight attendant introduces various suggestion to a passenger that New Zealand is the one place stop with New Zealand romantically scenes to have your wedding reception..  With great naturist beach scenes in Auckland to have your timeless wedding photograph also with great world well known wedding dress designers,  that you can’t go wrong in Cantonese Dialect..

Also when traveling comfortably Air New Zealand introduces the Sky Couch on the ten hour long haul flights between Hong Kong to Auckland where you can book the whole three seat isle where it is made comfortably in economy class into a bed given that you miss out on Business class… Unless you’re on Business class where you can experience sampling or drinking the out from New Zealand’s promenade winery collection from New Zealand wine yards…  One guy what’s intended to do the whole bottle with one thing on his mind it’s it that good…?


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