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“……….Yes that’s not a recent thing… “12th Doctor- Peter Capaldi

As Season ten of  “Doctor who” returns in the April 2017 tittle – A Star in Her Eyes, in which is the introduction of Bill- Pearl Mackie, the newly Companion whom introduction is unlikely of the rest, is thinkingly that the Doctor decides to takes a working holiday of teaching towards university students until he stumbles a pond a student whom eventually adventures with him, also as well with Nardole- Matt Lucas whom have been visited before in the previous Christmas special “ Husbands of River Song”

The introduction of season ten is through Bill-Pearl Mackie’s eyes for the time been, as she live her life ordinary, as a student, working in the University cafeteria serving food to her fellow students.. as she meets the Professor, lecturer, the Doctor -12th Doctor- Peter Capaldi..   Her Journey takes on more than less ordinary as her Nardole adventures with the Doctor… Meeting the traditional Daleks in a middle of a war, in back into the Victorian Past, gathering rescuing strangers as they meet… The First introduction of is of very much like Rose Tyler- Billie Piper life… a life less ordinary becoming extraordinary….   It should be interesting to see where this takes to as this is Steven Moffatt’s last season of as executive writer for the series in where Chris Chinball takes over his role for the season eleventh in where how the Doctor adventures everywhere…

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