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As promenade Airliner Carriers from the industry, start to set on fleet replacement of their current fleet of passenger carrier aircraft, such as Cathy Pacific in replacing their aging Boeing 747-400 fleet with the more modern, fuel efficiency faster aircraft, for the Airbus 350XWB-1000 in which at the moment is in flight qualification trials and certification process with its three testing demonstrations aircraft in which is set to be manufactured for production next year ….

In this case “Lufthansa” has undertaken its first “Airbus 350WXB-900” in which is flight destination routes is set forwarding for long haul flights, in between Munich to Delhi to Boston flight radius range… in which the Aircraft is powered up by dual Roll Royce engines.. Featuring three classes in which 224 Economy, 21 premium Economy, also 48 Business seating which new seating comforts.. Those comforts also featuring in the new next generation of all inflight Entertainment systems, in which inflight connectivity….

Lufthansa A350WXB-900 series livery is lovely simple, it straight forward with its iconic logo with it navy blue livery colours, in with the Helvetica typeface …… with the base colour white…   as you see in the first is delivered first in various parts with team of five Airbus Beluga’s towards the Toulouse assemble yards in France in which it’s constructed assembled, then painted.. Then latterly with its Rolls Royce Engines installed with the new interior cabin at the same time….. Then system tested before officially handing the aircraft over milestonely…

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