#WonderWoman | Diana’s origin story what’s to come -extended final trailer …

Wonder Women-Gal Gadot  her Story is in becoming will be screen on 2nd June 2017  1st June 2017 in Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong.. , Diana’s story storytelling her Origin story, how she became Wonder Woman, from what’s behind that name known to be the Diana Prince, Princess of the Amazons-, as we see a prelude of her story in when she recollects her past in when Bruce Wayne- Batman- Ben Affleck invites in requiring her assistances in forming a group known as the Justice League in turn, she ends up saving him- Batman and Superman as in that film it also her story in which Superman and Batman in Batman vs Superman are just her that chapter of her storyline..

In this trailer we see more of her childhood explanatory past that her story is becoming whom she is today that her mother becomes afraid of what happens when her child grown as the woman that she is now internally intelligently strong ventures towards the outside world beyond Amazon..

Her Story started in her everlasting in self-discovering whom she is from her isolated sheltered life home on an island, apart in training whom is unconquerable Warrior her life also her isolated surroundings get interrupted by the outside changing world, that world is facing perilously war, that war threatens her isolated life her Amazonian family, her paradise surroundings when a pilot fell from the skies, she rescues him- Steve Trevor Chris Pine  then on her world is changed as he is chased, pursue   by his enemies then defeated,   her world changed  has she leaved her world in fighting alongside him in also in the process of self-finding herself , her density also finding herself beyond her abilities of her powers.. ..

Created by William Mouton Marston, Screenplay written by Allan Heinberg, storytelling by Zach Snyder, Allan Heinberg, Jason Fuchs.. Directed by Patty Jenkins..


#AirNewZealand | Celebrating #InternationalWomensDay

On Eighth March 2017 “Air New Zealand” Celebrates “International Women’s Day”, in which is thanking the exceptional more than 4,900 phenomenal women whom work for the Airline as they innovative, multitasking on so many levels in solving problems and creating solutions with strategies in operating, in on behind in front the scenes in making the airline fly an every day to day basis..

In which this shows various the many working women behind the scenes with various roles undertaken in whom inspires us…Which woman inspires you? #InternationalWomensDay ♀