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On 28th March 2023國泰航空公司Cathay Pacific featured a CathayPacific Original feature film in which the Brand Original Featured film will be launched on 29th March 2023 on a When a Plane takes off again, our life returns again and the meaning of the blue sky becomes even more precious , in which many of the premises of the Cathay Pacific feature film Today I want to ask you a question: What does the blue sky mean to us?

Today I want to ask you a question: What does the blue sky mean to us?

The premises is also on Hong Kong SAR, China People’s Republic of China opening up after the long lapse of Covid 19 .. Perhaps a period of time has passed, and we have temporarily lost the sense of reality of living life. But when we took off by plane and met the blue sky again at an altitude of 30,000 feet, those stranded plans and forgotten freedom were all returned to life at this moment. Xinshixiang and 猎泰航空will launch a brand original feature film 重上云空 and it will be launched tomorrow. When the world opens up for you again, you may fly wherever you want…..

What does the blue sky mean to us? We overlook the clouds of the four seasons in the blue sky, encounter the sun rising and the moon setting, and accompany every passenger to a better future. For us, the blue sky is the vast world, the distant unknown, the returning life, and every upcoming departure. From when a grounded plane returns to the blue sky, it also means that our lives are restarted again. The blue sky carries the dreams, lives and hopes of many people. The moment we return to the blue sky is the moment when we move towards a better future.

Jointly launched by 新世界 New Era, in collaboration with Cathay Pacific the brand’s original feature film 重上云空 will be launched tomorrow 29th March 2023. When a plane takes off again, our life returns again, and the meaning of the blue sky becomes even more precious.

新世界 New Era Xinshixiang Full-platform new Internet media company and content brand – Xinshixiang was founded on the WeChat official account in 2015 , and now it has developed into a very influential new Internet media company and content brand with all platforms. The mission of Xinshixiang is to “provide spiritual strength and serve a better life” for the Chinese people. 

On the basis of a deep insight into social emotions, Xinshixiang connects users, media, celebrities, brands and other common actors, and has repeatedly created phenomenon-level events and popular events including the Good Night SMS Plan, Escape from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Battle of Losing Books, and Buddhist Youth. Topic, deeply loved by people in first- and second-tier cities. 

新世界 New Era Xinshixiang focuses on its own channel operation and content production, and its business covers China Video, integrated marketing and MCN, IP authorization incubation, and new consumer brand management .

As one of the first track pioneers to carry out in-depth operations in the field of “Chinese video”, in October 2020, 新世界 New Era Xinshixiang has established a complete product matrix of topical micro-variety shows, topical videos, and topical short dramas, and will cooperate with the video platform, continue to devote itself to the content upgrade of China Video and the exploration of closed-loop business models.

Images and visuals are of Cathay pacific Airways..

#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #香港 #中國| #香港國際機場 #HKIA #HongKongInternationalAirport #March2021|increasing your wellness fitness with artistically exercising in #InternationalHongKongAirportCity on #LantauIsland with the new #AirportTrail running Trial…. ..

In that recently 2021, the Hong Kong Airport Authority- Hong Kong International Airport carried out a renovation project for the Ancient Kiln Park and Antiquities Garden at the southern end of Chek Lap Kok. At the same time, the jogging track was refurbished to beautify this recreational place that gathers history and nature and create a slow living space for airport employees.

In which one part of many is Wellness Equipment in HKIA historical Garden currently now located inside the Hong Kong international Airport city is area park with an area of 5,700 square meters in which it just open on early 2021 which the Wellness Fitness Equipment is imported from Italy in an ergonomically  designer fitness in which the designed to fit the Artistically environment of the Hong Kong international art hub essences is located nearby Cathay Pacific City at Chun Kwan Road – East Coast Kwo lo Wan Road   at Lantau Island Hong Kong SAR-China- People’s Republic of China ….

The designer Wellness Fitness Equipment artistically fits in with the Hong Kong SAR’s artistically nature as an international art hub for locally and international arts of all sorts of genres…..  Stretching equipment of a “full tree” “Wellness Stone” “Benches” in which providing a thirty six meter square Yoga Platform..  In which Connects to the Airport Trail..  In which allows you to Relax and indulge in your workout moment …..

The Ancient Kiln Park and the Antiquities Garden preserve and display the Hong Kong’s first Yuan dynasty casting furnace site unearthed on the Airport Island, as well as the giant parts used in the construction of the Hong Kong International Airport, allowing visitors to enjoy the green environment as well as the cultural relics. In order to enrich the leisure experience in the park, we have also added public recreational facilities that combine different artistic elements, such as a group of seats called “quotation marks”. The nostalgic terrazzo material echoes the cultural relics in the garden, and the seats are mixed with luminous stones, which glow faintly at night like static fireflies.

On the large lawn next to the park, we deliberately added brand new fitness facilities. The new facilities are designed with big trees as the design concept, emphasizing the integration of man and nature. These uniquely shaped facilities are sufficient to cope with various intensities of fitness movements. With the exclusive fitness demonstration mobile application, you can exercise various muscle groups in the body in accordance with professional instructions. In addition, we have added a 36-square-meter yoga platform in the park and provided related facilities to allow yoga lovers to stretch their muscles and bones surrounded by nature….

Speaking of sports, how come there are so few airport jogging tracks that are popular with airport staff and residents of Tung Chung? The refurbished jogging track has a total length of 7.1 kilometers, which connects Tung Chung and the area of ​​multiple airport inter-bank buildings. Jogging in a comfortable environment will definitely feel more comfortable.

In this green and tree-lined park, the yellow-flowered wind bells are newly planted. March is the season when wind bell trees bloom. When passing through the park, you can enjoy the sea of ​​yellow flowers and trees. You can also stop by the ancient kiln park to see the cultural relics and feel the leisurely scenery of another corner of the airport island.

Connecting the Wellness Equipment in HKIA historical Garden is the Airport Trail  in which is refurbished in year 2020 in which covers a distance of seven point one kilometers in which connects numerous landmarks in the Hong Kong International Airport City..  The Airport Trail runs through the Gate House number two the End of south runway, towards HKIA Historical Garden- Ngong Ping 360- Kwo Lo Wan Road- Civil Aviation Department.. Forwardingly towards the East Coast road Flyover ……..

Images and visuals are of from Hong Kong International Airport – Lantau Island – Hong Kong SAR- China- People’s Republic of China