#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #香港 | #HongKong #DiscoverHongKong #BankOfCommunicatoins– Celebrating also bringing in the #NewYearDay2019 with its international iconic spectacular fireworks and light shows ….#HongKongNewYear2019 #Livestreaming.. …

In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, in bringing into the New Year Celebrations for the 2019 year on New Year Eve – 31st December 2018.. in which there’s a massive party that’s taking place in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, with celebrative fourteen million Hong Kong Dollars – USD1.8 million worth of fireworks celebrating over in between the Victoria Harbour, in between Hong Kong Island also between West to East Kowloon in which and expected thirty thousand people are to celebrate at the waterfront of Tsim Sha Tsui Area..   In which the events is celebrated sponsored by the Bank of Communications

During the event there will be various live streaming on many social media platforms, in which in between 2300-0040  hours- Hong Kong Time with channel 99 ViuTV, the ViuTV website, the ViuTV app and channel 331 Now TV NowDirect- Hong Kong   also another live stream from 2355-0010 Hong Kong Time- in which there are also other stations like Hong Kong TVB will be hold festive coverage with bring in the new year.. in which during the celebrating event is Brand Hong Kong- Tourism Hong Kong will be live streaming the events coverage of the Fireworks through its various social media platforms..

Celebrating from 31st December 2018, in which the shooting stars- wish you apond a star fireworks event starts in fifteen minutes intervals at 11pm, 11:15pm, 11:30pm and 11:45pm, with the fireworks main event at Midnight where with a musical fireworks.. in

In which that celebrative best advantage area point, alongside of Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront in which Hong Kong Cultural Center Open Piazza also Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, across the Harbour on the Island side Central Harbourfront area, is the Central Ferry Piers nine and ten, also in front of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center at the Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai….

Among that night, that day there are roads that being closure off, and patrol by the Hong Kong Police. In the surrounding areas in which road closures will start at four  at the earliest then six in the afternoon also in which its best to use the public transport to avoid the congestion like taking the World leading MTR Hong Kong transportation system

#YesterdayInAuckland |#Auckland-30th July 2017- Wintery weekend cold amberic warm Sunset – One Tree Hill- A Gallery-


As during the weekend 30th July 2017 of Auckland, that week was the coldest week, but with the clearest of all frozen nights of great of looking at the Starry night.  In one iconic organic viewing location is One Tree Hill, in which location have breath taking views than to the Auckland CBD’s Sky Tower…One Tree hill, One Tree Hill Domain Located in the Heart of in between Onehunga, Royal Oak Greenlane also Epsom..

Looking in this direction towards the Tasman ocean towards Hong Kong.. as the coldest nights about to come.. with crispy starry nights.. with the remaining sunset warmth of the day..

One Tree Hill wintery wise with all encompassing views of the Auckland, in which as the best urban viewing sunrise sunset spots for Auckland- as still one of the most popular local also Tourist spots in Auckland also it’s free aswell to travel upwards to the summit among with the best spots of photographing Auckland in way it’s like Auckland’s Hong Kong Victoria Peak without the trams besides the northern Mountain Eden in which is closer towards the Auckland’s Central…  Also it’s one of the most identity Auckland Landmarks historically with the obelisk marking its spot also visually navigating for aircraft, as to it’s the resting spot for Auckland’s founding fathers Sir Logan Campbell…

Looking in this direction towards the Tasman ocean towards Hong Kong.. as the coldest nights about to come.. with crispy starry nights.. with the remaining sunset warmth of the day..

 Watching the sunset settle down for the day, as it finally attempts to warm up the remaining warmth for the Auckland landscape in looking downwards to the Auckland west coast shorelines beyond the Waitakere’s in which looking a further south you can see the mouth of the Manukau Harbour, once a treacherous harbour to navigate for in the colonial days sailing ships, in which now days with navigation technologies the harbour isn’t so Treacherous..  As the sun settles down beyond the Waitakere ranges onwards looking towards the Tasman Ocean towards Australia then onwardly to the direction to Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong…..

香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without #TARDIS | #HongKong- the Victoria Peak Summit……

Taylor Swift follows me around, well whenever I walk, travelling around places that I know,  adventuring her music does, her song often follows me around, in this case as I was walking out from the Peak tram into the Victoria Peak Mall- The Peak Galleria.. In which her music keeps following me all the way through the afternoon…  As I walk onwards from the top from the Tram terminal… Is the entrance into The Peak Galleria Mall in which is situated on top of the summit that adjoins connecting towards the Peak Tower…

As I was walking out from the Tram terminal section into The Peak Tower shopping complex in which the first section that I’ve walking into is more a self-contained version of the tidy Temple Street Night markets- The Peak Markets in which the atmosphere almost felt the same with the real thing across the Victoria Harbour… As walking through the self-contained version of Temple Street also ladies market, from there within has the Official Souvenirs Boutique. , in finding the way out then finding away into the main lobby of the Peak Tower Mall, in which the mall was aerated with lots lighted window absorbing the outside views of surroundings views in from the views from all the distance views from Central beyond towards cityscape outlines of Tsim Sha Tsui  as you could see the building through the enormous window building wall the two towers the IFC then the ICC extensively to the mountains of New Territories…..

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 Making ways towards the outside towards the top of the building to it viewing platform in which the views are breath taking remarkable than viewing Auckland from the Sky tower, in which the more Organic One Tree Hill is the best choice with more of it natural surroundings.. the Victoria Peak Tower Mall offers in which best of both worlds of that in which the roof top platform- The Sky Terrace 428 overview in which 428 meters above sea level..  Adjacently down the building is in combination with it’s or it older oriental traditional modern Qing Dynasty Chinese pavilion counterpart …..

It takes a several flights off elevators in in reaching the many opens space layers of floors of shopping to get to the roof view platform… In which I could basically spend hours in taking with breath taking views encompassing all of Hong Kong, in which Given that I had an interesting Cannon camera I could take some interesting angled landscaping, street views..  From afar…..there are several features within the Victoria Peak Tower, like the Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, in which features many extreme detail wax works with various Hollywood and local mainland celebrities, also movie characters…

That Iconic Hong Kong view from that Iconic Nine Lions Pavilion with those modern Ming Dynasty garden pavilion elements that witnesses to untold stories..

On the viewing platform there are various sides of looking at Hong Kong in which you’ll see the transition from the more serenity less to the intense populated side of Hong Kong Island in looking out in the scenic mountainous bays distance of Kellet- Telegraph- Pok Fu Lam’s Sandy Bay…

From viewing the other platform is The Victoria Peak Galleria, in which is closely adjacent of Peak Tower is another mall in which has a self-contained museum with various eateries, restaurants… from the outside there’s an older Trams. In which exhibits what the tram looks back in the older days, where walking inside even its converted with that minty white interior metical paint, into a visitor centre, in which as I enter inside the cabin in the train I could see some sense of history with the relics of mechanisms, installation gears of that era of that time..

looking from the the Lion Pavilion, looking at the all encompassing history that ever so writing untold stories of Hong Kong ……

As walking out from the minty white green line livery tram visitors centre, I noticed something  down the walking tracks of Findlay Road, in which is something Iconic is call The Lion’s Pavilion.. In which has the hallmarks of a traditional Chinese Ming Dynasty modern Pavilion viewing platform in which…   has nine unique styles hand crafted lions, none that look the same looking at different key points of Hong Kong. The lion Pavilion has an awesome viewing position that encompass the urban side of the island also looking towards the New territories mountain hills.. in which is elegantly structured with white marble or concrete with Ming Dynasty masonry works, the pavilion is painted with maroon red, not that type of maroon red purple that can found on the walls of the Forbidden City in Beijing…..


香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without #TARDIS | #HongKong- The Victoria Peak Tram..

Orthough I’ve been on the Victoria peak tram many countless times, each ride is never the same, never the same experience as each trip upwards towards the mountain to Victoria Peak is always a different story, as the different evolving stories unfolds as the passengers whom ride them.. Within each passenger telling their own stories as also unfold before them as they arrive at the summit…

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Going back there, in which the skyline has changed with more evolving buildings in the previously Jardine building (178 meters) was the tallest in the Hong Kong Skyline the tall rectangular building with the iconic round things windows.. now it’s the two iconic buildings one seen over west Kowloon with the ICC Building ( 484 meters tall) in Tsim Sha Tsui, also closer by adjacent to the Peak is the IFC building ( 412 Meters tall) that’s dominate over the skyline among with the HSBC- Hong Kong Shanghai Bank  also the bank of China.. With ever more tall mountainous apartment, commercial buildings that planted among the skyline, like a Chinese towering mountain tops with illustrated trees……

Re-Finding the location in where to take the peak tram upwards from the where the lower Terminus is situated at Garden Road in the location of St, John Building  in Central in where to find the place is  well located with The Peak Tram- 太平山”  foundation in which the place also the place where Belgium Consulate is..

the location of the Victoria Peak Tram Terminus..

In order to get there, it’s best to get there early or later just in case of incoming influx of afternoon crowds or evening coming at peak times… but getting there by various transport means is located here with the buses routes, Taxis, or the Just a nice stroll from Central’s MTR..  Or given that you have your own transportation like a car, Barker road driving to the summit…. However for me it was transiting from the Star Ferry and then walking bring back adventuring memories towards to the Terminus in which… walking there was my best option as reconnecting with the constant redeveloping streets, as walking towards, from the HSBC- Hong Kong Shanghai Bank towards the street over pass corridors that pasts through towards the China Bank, from its art Deco to its new building in which was featured in Star Trek as Hong Kong was a Major Subspace commutations hub network also a co share Starfleet Command Base of operations..