#香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong | #MTR #HongKong – MTR’s Journey with the Nature: Living with the Trees..

In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, the MTR- Hong Kong Corporation shares the same philosophy with the Swire Group… In which having Nature in the environment in the communities in which improving the metal health also well being also caring about the communities also conserving, protecting the environment… in providing that provisionment in working together to protect and conserve the environment …

In having Nature in the surrounding environment in the communities whether it’s in urban, suburban to rural areas in which looking at green plants its good for the body and our mind in which improving the mental health and well-being of the person-or passengers as they journey daily in which whatever their mode of commuting… Orthough Hong Kong is a City is like the inorganic concrete glass canyon surrounding by a lusting’s of surrounding tropical forest… also it’s important to save the iconic trees that within the urban towering canyons of  buildings like the more than one century old Kennedy town- Forbes Street’s Hakka retaining wall in  with the Banyan Trees that provide a organic growing art that once started with some Banyan seeds that feel into the cracks that once transported by the birds  inside the walls then grown to what we see today nature intertwining with the stone walls like a slow Chinese painting with the passage of time.. In order to conservative the protection of the Banyan tree Hakka walls the original Kennedy Town MTR Station was relocated that first plan in which the Railway alignment was changed.. in which was the recently cased with the Sha tin to Central line in which the Railway linkage was change to go around a major newly founded historically Village Well that connects to the final resting place of the last two Song Dynasty ( year 960 to 1279) Emperors whom was pursued by the Mongolian Empire towards Hong Kong.. In which that’s explain the cursed Song Dynasty General Sword in Cheung Chau in Yuk Hui- Pak Tai Temple..

Urban Development and tree protectionism an co-exist in a collaborative relationship as long we take the extra steps involve to work in a harmonious relationship between man and nature.. along the MTR Hong Kong network over 33,000 trees along the open sections of the network was given their very own Tree ID Cards, to monitor their health annually in which in reduces the required need to collapse or removal…….

香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without #TARDIS | #HongKong- The Victoria Peak Tram..

Orthough I’ve been on the Victoria peak tram many countless times, each ride is never the same, never the same experience as each trip upwards towards the mountain to Victoria Peak is always a different story, as the different evolving stories unfolds as the passengers whom ride them.. Within each passenger telling their own stories as also unfold before them as they arrive at the summit…

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Going back there, in which the skyline has changed with more evolving buildings in the previously Jardine building (178 meters) was the tallest in the Hong Kong Skyline the tall rectangular building with the iconic round things windows.. now it’s the two iconic buildings one seen over west Kowloon with the ICC Building ( 484 meters tall) in Tsim Sha Tsui, also closer by adjacent to the Peak is the IFC building ( 412 Meters tall) that’s dominate over the skyline among with the HSBC- Hong Kong Shanghai Bank  also the bank of China.. With ever more tall mountainous apartment, commercial buildings that planted among the skyline, like a Chinese towering mountain tops with illustrated trees……

Re-Finding the location in where to take the peak tram upwards from the where the lower Terminus is situated at Garden Road in the location of St, John Building  in Central in where to find the place is  well located with The Peak Tram- 太平山”  foundation in which the place also the place where Belgium Consulate is..

the location of the Victoria Peak Tram Terminus..

In order to get there, it’s best to get there early or later just in case of incoming influx of afternoon crowds or evening coming at peak times… but getting there by various transport means is located here with the buses routes, Taxis, or the Just a nice stroll from Central’s MTR..  Or given that you have your own transportation like a car, Barker road driving to the summit…. However for me it was transiting from the Star Ferry and then walking bring back adventuring memories towards to the Terminus in which… walking there was my best option as reconnecting with the constant redeveloping streets, as walking towards, from the HSBC- Hong Kong Shanghai Bank towards the street over pass corridors that pasts through towards the China Bank, from its art Deco to its new building in which was featured in Star Trek as Hong Kong was a Major Subspace commutations hub network also a co share Starfleet Command Base of operations..


香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without #TARDIS | Ding Dings – Hong Kong iconic Trams- Not just another word for a Zygon Detector……

My next stop was back to Hong Kong Island in traveling back in first ferry by the time of getting back it was just walking back along the Tsim Sha Tsui Streets… in which was almost evening as I got back orthough.. Boat journey seeming this time was quicker than going towards Cheung Chau….  looking back at the same off the place where Police constable –Wong Tai Mui- Grace Chan adventured to with fellow actor Tony Hung whom plays an actualization of the Pirate King Cheung Po Tsai whom own, patrolled the South China Seas…..

As I disembark the ferry, from the First Ferry terminal in making way for the MTR for back towards Tsim Sha Tsui… in which did fully in Austin road terminal for some dinner in some off street restaurant for some wonton noddle soup….

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My next day was onwards towards using the Hong Kong Trams in going for some exploration, in which they call Ding Ding’s in which the sound of the Trams bells makes, Ding Dings is not just a Zygon detector or a device that sense the presents of weeping Angels temporal residues throughout time and space.. In which the Hong Kong Double Decker Trams was established as the very first modes of public transport of Hong Kong Island over 110 years ago in which was establish proposed in 1881 then installed land on tracks on 1904 with a first fleet of 26 carriage trams in which was mostly built in the United Kingdom…

The modern Iconic Hong Kong Tram network today operates in between west to east coast of Hong Kong through Central, Admiralty… in between those two points in runs between on route between Kennedy Town, Western Market, Happy Valley, North Point, and Shau Kei Wan in which some of those routes do overlap each another…  in which that network is length wise is about thirteen Kilometres, of a total track length of thirty kilometers..

香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without #TARDIS | Ding Dings - Hong Kong iconic Trams- Not just another word for a Zygon Detector...... Photographer @KevinJamesNg 2016
香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without #TARDIS | Ding Dings – Hong Kong iconic Trams- Not just another word for a Zygon Detector…… Photographer @KevinJamesNg 2016

Going on the Double Decker Trams is relative easy, also it gives you a general unaided self-exploratory tour of Hong Kong Island to see the anthropologically feel of neighborhoods among the trams routes to see how place developed throughout urban- suburban designs also though sense of feel of the neighbourhood of people’s life as you look past by hand crafted window wooden frames…. Also its relative less expensive the simple ticket is relativity least three United States Dollars… In which you can payable in cash or by simply Octopus card by as you leave once on your chosen point of destinations…

As I was travelling on the tram in going westwards from taking the Central towards Kennedy town, alongside towards Sheung Wan, for some dry foods. In which Sheung Wan District has been noted for one of the best places of finding dried foods, along the western Des Voeux Road before Kennedy town..

As travelling in one, during that time even though viewing the neighbourhood also it’s people’s lives outside the hand crafted window wooden frames anthropologically, as well you can see that within inside the passengers whom boarded it from the rear door and exiting in the front of the tram….  As I boarded the tram it’s basically a living museum on the go, as I could see the historically relics that are still installed analogue, like the gears, the dials, the foot pressed bell, that became so Iconic that rang Ding, Ding signalling its way the once wooden bench chair seats are now replace with retrofitted plastic vacuum form ones that looks like it’s dated back from the 1970’s..  From those days, Hong Kong Trams comes in all forms of advertising liveries… in which makes them distinguishing individualistic from the rest also in brightens up the neighbourhood as they go…