香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without #TARDIS | #MACAU- Strong morning traditional Chinese breakfast bound wise on a Turbo Jet-

My next stop is another Special Administrative Region…. In which pretty much like In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong… in which Hong Kong to its SAR – Portuguese colonial Counterpart is 62 kilometers… in which takes least fifty five minutes on a Turbo Jet high velocity ferry from Tsim Sha Tsui China Ferry Terminal, in which there are other terminals to catch the Turbo Jet from is from Hong Kong International Airport- off wise of Lantau Island, also from Hong Kong Island where the other terminals nearby Victoria Harbour..

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Located at 33 Canton Road  at  Tsim Shan Tsui , Kowloon, The Terminal from China Ferry Terminal on a modest least cluttered clear morning, from Tsim Sha Tsui is from there my journey begins at going towards Macau… also it pays to have a strong breakfast beforehand due to the amount of walking adventuring that lies ahead… Taking the Turbo Jet to Macau in which you have to purchase the Tickets at the Turbo Jet counter inside the China Ferry terminal in this case where the terminal that I’m departing from ….  Given if you are traveler it pays to have your passport ready for customs and immigration…. Also a bobby pin, hair clips or paper clips in which comes in handy to hold your documents together in which that the documentation slips are generally loose….

Hong Kong- Tsim Sha Tsui – China Ferry Terminal… looking outwardly at amberic glow of the sun glinting below Hong Kong Island..

Having purchasing my ticket, with a book timing the time of depart from Hong Kong’s China Ferry Terminal also the time leaving for Macau Marine time Ferry Terminal from the previously day, In which it pays to be prepared.. In case of last minutes entanglements…. As there are various ways of travelling to Macau, one option is travelling by liner at the Harbour City Terminals, or the very traditional way of a slower ferry or if you have money to spend its helicopter or aircraft… The other way is going by Turbo Jet in which I settle for… also settle for a window seating… having boarded my ferry ride from Tsim Sha Tsui. The Turbo Ferry took no matter of time in gathering momentum to start surfing the Jade liquid Pearl Delta-Victoria Harbour … in which my view was slight stain satin glass obscured by the tint layered thin film that created a daytime Noir film of ferry leaving Hong Kong to Macau with in between choppy Harbour…

As seated in for the remaining least as one hour journey on the Turbo Jet, finding some snacks in my backpack to keep me occupied for the remaining of the ferry ride, as I remain constantly occupied for the constant view of leaving Hong Kong’s Victoria’s Harbour towards Macau.. As the views of the window transition from looking at Hong Kong Island towards…. The smaller dotted islands with the abundances of massive cargo ships that still awaits for berthing to unload –load their containers.. in which those containers was invented by Hong Kong- fun fact..

As the journey progresses, the smaller islands come in view in the distance closer towards further in distance as the Turbo Jet raced away towards Macau in which the journey time in between two SAR’s takes fifty five minutes..….

As the Turbo jet starts too de-accelerated as the Macau’s Harbour in which, then the first time adventuring into Macau begins… as new to Macau it’s best to do grab a good map, or making sure in getting a great data plan in internet data roaming getting going in which search for information for places if you’re going alone adventuring around Macau.. .. As for the first time here, I hired a personal tour guide for the day services in which they can be found around the terminal, also it’s best to look around in which one good one that I’ve encounter is Agencia De Viagens.- Seng Wang Limitada..   in which the driver-tour guide throughout the day has been excellent as showing the key Macau spots, also explaining, talking the social ground issues unlike any tour guide that I’ve met before also the in-depth issues of Macau History also travel safety advice in which invaluable…..

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香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without #TARDIS | Ding Dings – Hong Kong iconic Trams- Not just another word for a Zygon Detector……

My next stop was back to Hong Kong Island in traveling back in first ferry by the time of getting back it was just walking back along the Tsim Sha Tsui Streets… in which was almost evening as I got back orthough.. Boat journey seeming this time was quicker than going towards Cheung Chau….  looking back at the same off the place where Police constable –Wong Tai Mui- Grace Chan adventured to with fellow actor Tony Hung whom plays an actualization of the Pirate King Cheung Po Tsai whom own, patrolled the South China Seas…..

As I disembark the ferry, from the First Ferry terminal in making way for the MTR for back towards Tsim Sha Tsui… in which did fully in Austin road terminal for some dinner in some off street restaurant for some wonton noddle soup….

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My next day was onwards towards using the Hong Kong Trams in going for some exploration, in which they call Ding Ding’s in which the sound of the Trams bells makes, Ding Dings is not just a Zygon detector or a device that sense the presents of weeping Angels temporal residues throughout time and space.. In which the Hong Kong Double Decker Trams was established as the very first modes of public transport of Hong Kong Island over 110 years ago in which was establish proposed in 1881 then installed land on tracks on 1904 with a first fleet of 26 carriage trams in which was mostly built in the United Kingdom…

The modern Iconic Hong Kong Tram network today operates in between west to east coast of Hong Kong through Central, Admiralty… in between those two points in runs between on route between Kennedy Town, Western Market, Happy Valley, North Point, and Shau Kei Wan in which some of those routes do overlap each another…  in which that network is length wise is about thirteen Kilometres, of a total track length of thirty kilometers..

香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without #TARDIS | Ding Dings - Hong Kong iconic Trams- Not just another word for a Zygon Detector...... Photographer @KevinJamesNg 2016
香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without #TARDIS | Ding Dings – Hong Kong iconic Trams- Not just another word for a Zygon Detector…… Photographer @KevinJamesNg 2016

Going on the Double Decker Trams is relative easy, also it gives you a general unaided self-exploratory tour of Hong Kong Island to see the anthropologically feel of neighborhoods among the trams routes to see how place developed throughout urban- suburban designs also though sense of feel of the neighbourhood of people’s life as you look past by hand crafted window wooden frames…. Also its relative less expensive the simple ticket is relativity least three United States Dollars… In which you can payable in cash or by simply Octopus card by as you leave once on your chosen point of destinations…

As I was travelling on the tram in going westwards from taking the Central towards Kennedy town, alongside towards Sheung Wan, for some dry foods. In which Sheung Wan District has been noted for one of the best places of finding dried foods, along the western Des Voeux Road before Kennedy town..

As travelling in one, during that time even though viewing the neighbourhood also it’s people’s lives outside the hand crafted window wooden frames anthropologically, as well you can see that within inside the passengers whom boarded it from the rear door and exiting in the front of the tram….  As I boarded the tram it’s basically a living museum on the go, as I could see the historically relics that are still installed analogue, like the gears, the dials, the foot pressed bell, that became so Iconic that rang Ding, Ding signalling its way the once wooden bench chair seats are now replace with retrofitted plastic vacuum form ones that looks like it’s dated back from the 1970’s..  From those days, Hong Kong Trams comes in all forms of advertising liveries… in which makes them distinguishing individualistic from the rest also in brightens up the neighbourhood as they go…


香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without a #TARDIS | Cheung Chau- That shoreline nearby Cheung Po Tsai Cave with Dragon boats……

After spending crawling out Cheung Po Tsai Cave, also feeling, sensing this one of the caves that he hid his portion of the fortune in beside hiding the rest, also carrying another portion among with him to Peking after when he receiving, gracefully accepting an appointment with the Qing Dynasty Government in protecting the naval waters of the South China Sea, in which still his turf, but it was a bold move to protect his interest also theirs …..

After walking down the hill, heading towards the corner community store that waits for some refreshments… resting in looking at the Cheung Chau’s shoreline in looking how each shoreline would’ve given him the very strategic advantage of using the natural environments.. Has the Cheung Chau’s hill side coastal side… walking down the coastal line from Cheung Po Tsai Cave.. Down towards the Coastal walk way find that sitting bench where Wong Tai Mui- Grace Chan and Cheung Po Tsai- Tony Huang sat as both were catching up, also how and wondering where did all his treasures in that cave all go after visiting the cave with Wong Tai Mui…

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Having walking downwards to the Cheung Chau Pier, noticing that the local community was getting ready for the Dragon Boat races, as they marked out the pontoons platforms as they began lowering their boats from the crane from the walkway, one by one…  in getting ready for some training., in which is called the Tuen Ng Festival. In which there Dragon boat races sits this year on 30th May 2017, in between ten in the morning towards four and half in the afternoon Hong Kong Time, where the Cheung Chau Typhoon Shelter is..  In where in Hong Kong there are least ten Dragon Boat races that going around the month of May…

The Origin of the Dragon boat race dates back least two thousand years ago.. in where one case there was a Chinese Poet – Qu Yaun.. Whom drown himself in the Mi Luo River…. In which the local people try to search and rescue him but to no avail so during the search and rescue the villages went on beating drums on the race to find him, then started to drop food in the river to divert the attention of fishes eating his body in which one food item is rice dumplings- sticky rice- wrapped in lotus or banana leaves, in which the leaves gives it additional aromic flavour..

香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without a blue box-TARDIS | Cheung Chau- Cheung Po Tsai Cave – Treasure cave...... Photographer @KevinJamesNg 2016
香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without a blue box-TARDIS | Cheung Chau- Cheung Po Tsai Cave – Treasure cave…… Photographer @KevinJamesNg 2016

Walking back down towards the Cheung Chau Pier among this section of the waterfront from the Cheung Po Tsasi’s cave… has a stretch of storages of various aged to new Dragon boats, some dated in which you could tell by the worn conditions of the boat also the Dragon head’s worn paint also there wear and tear… as I walk down, Dragon boat racing is far more intense than watching Rugby or soccer.. it has history.. a massive long history.. Orthough China co-invented Soccer among with the Persians back in the Tang Dynasty days between 618 to 907 AD..

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香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without a blue box-TARDIS | Cheung Chau- Cheung Po Tsai Cave …..

Don’t’ move I’m a Hong Kong Police officer.. Wait you’re Cheung Po Tsai..?!… Also I really need to go back to 2015 Hong Kong.. !!!! ” Hong Kong Police Constable Wong Tai Mui- Grace Chan…


As Hong Kong Police Constable Wong Tai Mui- Grace Chan was investigating into a lead clue into a Cave in which turned out to be a cave, Treasure Cave of the South China Pirate King Cheung Po Tsai, Whom owned patrolled the South China Seas for any loot that he could find among from Qing Dynasty naval, British, Spanish, ships.. Among that scene Wong Tai Mui found a gold bullion coin, within the cave as she searched for any clues in relating to the Bandit king, as she mysteriously stumbles apond it…

Cheung Po Tsai Cave as I walked up the forestry pathway that’s leading it up to which is a good twenty minute striding walk through some under past of trees, with vines.. In which being on a watch full eye of any snakes in lurking along the tree branches in which, as the journey begin toward his cave it’s best to prepare for the journey.. One a very strong torch comes to mine… In which the journey starts with a Qing Dynasty inspired gateway explaining the entrance towards the Cave….  In walking up, the surrounding forest leading up towards the cave, in which you can feel you’re back in 1790 Hong Kong, or in 1790 Cheung Chau island as with the all that history, as you can hear through the wind that carrying the air into the bushes.. Like hearing the wind carrying pushing the sails of the sailing ships of Cheung Po Tsai fleet as it prepares to set out for the long haul traveling awaits them in meeting up with Qing Dynasty Navy in an interesting manner of exchanging requisitions…

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As walking up, looking admiring the surroundings, walking alongside the track, there are some interesting items along the way first is the abandon look out post looking out into the harbour, in which is surrounded by an overgrowth of bushes.. In which looking at it seeming it dates back towards the circa 1930 to 1940’s’s in which looking at seeming the period of architecture in which back then it from that vantage point it must had some impressive views back then as time forwards on another viewing platform is establish higher leading inwards towards the Cheung Po Tsai’s Cave.. In which its views from the three level towers encompassing the whole hill throughout towering trees…  However the older platform requires much need tender love and attention as its view is rummage with overgrowth of bushes hindering its view also its walls is unfortunate of tagging or Graffiti something that’s rarely seen in Hong Kong..

As walking towards the cave, there are, some intriguing, things there’s this interesting stone work wall, seeming abandoned as padlock gated steel frame rusty door, is padlock with Chinese Traditional padlock also Chinese stonework’s… Judging from it its remains untouched for many several decades, seeming decades ago, like from the 1930’s judging from its pre-world war two design…

As I walked up, hill there’s this green signage describing the history briefly of the Cheung Po Tsai’s Cave. Also realizing that I’m standing on same filming spot in where Grace Chan stood on as she begins to investigate into what’s the Bandit King really up to this time… from that point the trek goes into further more into a five minutes’ walk, until I’ve reached towards the entrance of the cave..

香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without a blue box-TARDIS | Cheung Chau- Cheung Po Tsai Cave – Treasure cave...... Photographer @KevinJamesNg 2016
香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without a blue box-TARDIS | Cheung Chau- Cheung Po Tsai Cave – Treasure cave…… Photographer @KevinJamesNg 2016

Having reaching towards the Cave it seems unlike the Television series version of it in which is larger than the inside in which saying that having TARDIS moments… you may wonder there’s a small shop outside of the cave in which sell an assortment of things, in that assortment is torches in which I’ve mention earlier in making sure having a very good strong torch that illuminates, even illuminates daylight.. Sizes wise the cave is small and narrow in which to fit luckily to for me my dress size is in between eight and ten, in which is a good thing..

Having the correct dress size in going into the narrow cave, in I lower myself down into a very darken cavern, stepping downwards into an almost lit downwards spotlighting in the cave in which gives you amount of time to get my torch in well lighting up the cave neatly.. as before I entered there was a memorable moment when I found a father with his two children, telling the stories of the cave also its owner Cheung Po Tsai.  As I continue like Wong Tai Mui-Grace Chan exploring the cave, within it, seeing it first-hand it was sort of disappointing at first, due to the moderate amount of litter that was present in the cave, exploring it for a good seven or more meters down the tunnel in which lead to another opening..   as exploring around the tunnel Cheung Po Tsai treasure Haul must have been a modest size in nature, but given the surrounding stories of his treasure it could been in another place on the same hill, saved like an insurance policy for just in case, or seeming he taken it with him in Peking when got offered the Qing Dynasty Government Naval Marshall’s position in protecting his and their interest at the same time..


香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without a blue box-TARDIS | Cheung Chau- Yuk Hui Temple…

Before settling off into finding lunch as I’ve just arrived like in that scene where Grace Chan’s Hong Kong Police constable officer as on been reassigned from Central Hong Kong Island back to her home town in Cheung Chau..  I’ve setting out in finding this temple, seen previously… seen previously on the map… In where setting out before lunch… As it was still late in the morning, but still modestly relishing the morning breakfast before heading out to Cheung Chau…

Yuk Hui Temple sits, within in-between the shore, beach lines neck of Cheung Chau Island… In which construction of the Temple started in the year of 1783, during the middle later eras of the Qing Dynasty… Heavy design with Ming Dynasty, with Taoist influences as seen with most temples of that era in Hong Kong also in China with roof guardians to protect the temple from any other…. Looking at the brickwork as you can tell the era of construction of the bricks as Ming Dynasty influences are general greyish black tint as the colors originated from over baking process in the kiln in which makes the bricks harden like the same process which takes longer like the golden floor tiles pavement of the forbidden city in which are super durable that takes up also its expensive …….

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Throughout the temple it has multiples of chambers, alters indoors and outdoors in which serve to worship for different deities… with different stories.. Within the center hall is the Main Deity, Pak Tai- Yuen Tin Shenug Tai.. He’s also know as the Supreme Emperor of the North heaven, in which his name rings back towards the Shang Dynasty in which he was a prince whom fought the Demon King at the time when his Dynasty was about to be fallen..

Another part of the hall, contains a Great Song Dynasty General’s sword in which has an interesting history… in which it was thrown into the sea in to counter the incoming storms also protecting the villagers, which was later fished up by centuries later in which was presented to the temple in which from then the Song’s great General’s Sword had an interesting history.. During world war two Hong Kong, the Sword was stolen from the invading Japanese Army, one soldier whom it stole it die mysteriously cursefully in which following among his other comrades in his platoon.. in which they finally return it and never set foot into the temple ever again..

Throughout the whole Temple or through its sizes it’s very intimate, due the size with its outdoor open alters, for worshiping.. also it’s Ming Dynasty meeting pavilion with its imperial yellow roof tiles in which there are two placements that reserved for the imperial yellow tiles one for the imperial family, the Emperor household, and the temples in which they have on an equal footing of respectively

Cheung Chau, outside the Yuk Hui Temple, there’s an interesting sports courtyard in which various sports is played, one is basketball, the other in the center is the Bun Festival in which two steam buns filled cone towers are place in the courtyard, in which is a traditional Taoist festival, in which settles stages in either Late April or May to mark the eight day of the fourth moon in the Chinese Calendar.. in which its termed Bun Snatching where braven people snatch the numerous amount of buns whom wins in between the bun tower-Mountain…  in which was seen in the last episode with Wong Tai Mui-Grace Chan with Cheung Po Tsai-Tony Huang…..