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Zigui County, located in Yichang City of central China’s Hubei Province, holds the International Canoe Federation (ICF) Dragon Boat World Cup this year. As the birthplace of ancient Chinese poet Qu Yuan, Zigui holds this exciting event that attracts contenders from around the world. Join CGTN’s Huang Yichang for the thrilling and adrenaline-pumping actions of the contest

Today is Thursday, 22nd June 2023- Dragon Boat Festival 2023…. in which celebrates offering of Dragon boat racing, consumption of realgar wine and zongzi..

“also known as Tuen Ng, falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. It commemorates the death of Qu Yuan, a Chinese poet and minister known for his patriotism and contributions to classical poetry and who eventually became a national hero.”

Though heartbroken to see his country being intruded, Qu Yuan never abandoned his faith and country. On May 5th(in Chinese lunar calendar), after writing down his last poem, Qu Yuan drowned himself in Miluo River(a branch of Yangtze River) as a gesture of dying along with his beloved motherland.

Why is it called Duan Wu Jie? The Dragon Boat Festival is called Duan wu Jie (端午节) in Mandarin Chinese. Duan (端) means ‘start’, while wu (午) means ‘noon’, but also ‘the fifth solar month’ in the traditional Chinese calendar (approximately June 6 – July 6), centered around the summer solstice. ‘The month of noon’ marks the middle of summer.

Where did dragon boats originate? Southern central China The use of dragon boats for racing is believed to have originated in southern central China more than 2500 years ago, in Dongting Lake and along the banks of the Chang Jiang (now called the Yangtze river).

How old is the Dragon Boat Festival?  2,000 years…….The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. It has a history of more than 2,000 years, and is believed to have originated during the Warring States period.

This year’s Dragon Boat Festival marks the 2,300th anniversary of Qu Yuan’s death. Exactly 2,300 years ago, Qu Yuan, a famous Chinese poet during the Warring States Period, drowned himself in the Miluo River in the city of the same name, as an act of martyrdom for his deeply beloved but falling motherland. Since then, people have commemorated him every year on the 5th day of the fifth month on the Lunar Calendar, which is the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival. During this year’s Dragon Boat Festival, we’ll visit the county of Changle in Miluo, the place believed to be where people ended their search for Qu Yuan’s body, and explore its connection with Qu Yuan, as well as many examples of cultural heritage and delicious food.

What do Dragon Boat Festival people eat during the festival? For Dragon Boat Festival the Chinese usually eat zongzi (rice dumpling) and various other foods below, depending on the region.

Zongzi — Sticky Rice Dumplings. Zongzi. …

Dagao — Glutinous Rice Cake. Dagao. …

Mianshanzi. Mianshanzi. …

Fried Cake (Jiandui) Fried Cake (Jiandui) …

Eel. …

Thin Pancakes. …

Eggs Steamed with Tea. …

Egg with Garlic.

CNSA –China National Space Administration CLEP- China Lunar Exploration Program – Lunar- Mars 端午安康 “Zong” has a light-year road to explore, and it has to ride the wind and waves to reach it! Rabbit Xingxing wishes everyone a healthy Dragon Boat Festival !

Founded in 2015 located in Beijing ….天兵科技 – 北京天兵科技有限公司Tianbing Technology is an Aerospace propulsion system supplier and spacecraft provider One of Sixty Plus Chinese carrier Rocket companies in China, People’s Republic of China ……. Tianbing Technology is an advanced aerospace propulsion system supplier and aerospace vehicle provider. Tianbing Technology independently develops the next-generation ambient temperature green HCP liquid propellant and minimalist aerospace propulsion system. As an upgraded product of traditional chemical propulsion system, it can meet cost-effective aerospace. Advance system supporting needs. The next-generation green HCP aerospace propulsion system, first tested by Tianbing Technology, can be used in the small-vehicle main power and launch vehicle upper-level propulsion system.

LandSpace 蓝箭航天 One of sixty Chinese private space Carrier Rocket Companies in China-People’s Republic of China…   On the occasion of the centenary of the founding of the party, the first phase of the Jiaxing LandSpace Blue Arrow Aerospace Center,  located in VIC International Plaza, No. 13 Ronghua South Road, Yizhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing China – People’s Republic of China…. The company located in a gathering place for the aerospace industry chain laid out in Zhejiang, was completed and will soon be put into use. Established mass production capacity for medium and large rockets, and completed the first phase of Jiaxing Blue Arrow Space Center…. Blue Arrow Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd. (Blue Arrow Aerospace) is a leading domestic commercial company for the creation and operation of aerospace transportation systems, established in June 2015, a national high-tech enterprise, Member of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF). Guided by the national strategy and guided by market demand, Blue Arrow Aerospace is committed to developing a series of medium and large launch vehicles with liquid oxygen methane as propellant, providing cost-effective and highly reliable launch services for the global market.

星河动力空间科技有限公司 Galactic Energy-  Galaxy Power (Beijing) Space Technology Co., Ltd. Located in Block D, Aviation Technology Plaza, E-Town, and Beijing – Beijing – China – People’s Republic of China ….Galaxy Aerospace is the first private aerospace company in China to achieve successful continuous launches, the first to send commercial networked satellites into a 500km sun-synchronous orbit, and the first to master the ability to launch multiple satellites with one carrier rocket.

CNSA –China National Space Administration CLEP- China Lunar Exploration Program – Lunar- Mars 端午安康 “Zong” has a light-year road to explore, and it has to ride the wind and waves to reach it! Rabbit Xingxing wishes everyone a healthy Dragon Boat Festival !

CNSA –China National Space Administration CLEP- China Lunar Exploration Program – Lunar- Mars Deep Space Exploration Laboratory 端午安康 “Zong” has a light-year road to explore, and it has to ride the wind and waves to reach it! Rabbit Xingxing wishes everyone a healthy Dragon Boat Festival !

“Zong” is more than exploring the universe] 端午节 The festival in the sky, and the Dragon Boat Festival again. In the early summer of the north of the Great Wall and the south of the Yangtze River, things change and stars move freely. On the occasion of nine days, how to place the family? “Chang’e” looks at the moon, and “Heavenly Questions” detects fires; they have searched for thousands of years, and studied the deep space and universe. May everyone be healthy and happy during the Dragon Boat Festival. (Planning/Drawing by Shi Meng/Liang Minchang)​​​​

深蓝航天  Deep Blue Limited – Deep Blue Aerospace One of sixty Chinese private space Carrier Rocket Companies in China-People’s Republic of China…  As many of sixty plus Private Rocket Deep Blue Aerospace Co., Ltd. was established in 2017. The company is mainly a high-tech aerospace enterprise that focuses on the direction of liquid recovery and reusable launch vehicles and provides users with commercial launch services. Deep Blue Aerospace Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province. At the same time, the company has rocket general and liquid engine R&D centers in Yizhuang, Beijing and Xi’an, Shaanxi, respectively, and a rocket power system test base in Tongchuan, Shaanxi…..

Flying back to the nebula

to explore the stars, chasing dreams, sky,

mayflies, heaven and earth, the mind of Hongyu, the

more you know, the more clear you are, the more you act, the more you will

be determined, and the road is far away Healthy!

Images and visuals are from their Respectives CMS China Manned SpaceCNSA-China National Space Administration

#CNSA #ChinaNationalSpaceAdministration #國家航天局 |#BeltAndRoadinitiative #June2021 how did the China’s Astronauts #Takionauts from #神舟九号 #Shenzhou9 and #神舟十号 #Shenzhou10 Exploring celebrating sending #TuenNg #DragonBoatfestival wishers from Space orbiting the #Planet #Earth ..

During this month of 14th June 2021 it’s the start of an International – National Chinese Asian Bank Holiday in which massively celebrated as families members gathered back home throughout the China – People’s Republic of China also on globally throughout the Tuen Ng- Dragon Boat Festival during the previously manned missions of CSNA –China National Space Administration orbiting around the planet earth previously during the month of June orbiting around Earth on China’s second space station Tiangong one Takionauts – Chinese Astronauts  sending celebrative  blessings from space in those years..  During the manned flights of Shenzhou 9 and Shenzhou 10, it was the Dragon Boat Festival. Astronauts not only sent back their Dragon Boat Festival blessings from space, they also exposed “space fragrant rice dumplings” in space. It is the eight-treasure rice of Shenzhou 9 or the bean paste rice dumplings of Shenzhou 10, their taste is sweet #From space’s Dragon Boat Festival  Today is the Dragon Boat Festival again, review the classics, and wish everyone a happy holiday…..

神舟九号Shenzhou 9 was the fourth crewed spacecraft flight of China’s Shenzhou program, launched at 18:37:24 CST, 16 June 2012. Shenzhou 9 was the second spacecraft and first crewed spacecraft to dock with the Tiangong 1 space station, which took place on 18 June

神舟十号 Shenzhou 10 was a crewed spaceflight of China’s Shenzhou program that was launched on 11 June 2013. It was China’s fifth crewed space mission….

The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the Dragon Boat Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, and the Tianzhong Festival, was originally a festival originated  by ancient ancestors to worship the dragon ancestors, pray for blessings and ward off evil spirits. In the midsummer Dragon Boat Festival, the Canglong Qi Su soared in the middle of the sky in the south, and was in the most “center” position in the whole year, that is, as the line of the fifth line of “The Book of Changes•Qian Gua”: “Flying Dragon is in the Sky”. The Dragon Boat Festival is due to legend that Qu Yuan, a poet of Chu State during the Warring States Period, committed suicide by jumping on the Miluo River on May 5. Later, people also took the Dragon Boat Festival as a festival to commemorate Qu Yuan. The fragrance of dumplings and dragon boats became one of the four traditional festivals in China.

Images and visuals are from Weibo of CNSA – China National Space Administration – CLEP –China Lunar Exploration Program

香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without a #TARDIS | Cheung Chau- That shoreline nearby Cheung Po Tsai Cave with Dragon boats……

After spending crawling out Cheung Po Tsai Cave, also feeling, sensing this one of the caves that he hid his portion of the fortune in beside hiding the rest, also carrying another portion among with him to Peking after when he receiving, gracefully accepting an appointment with the Qing Dynasty Government in protecting the naval waters of the South China Sea, in which still his turf, but it was a bold move to protect his interest also theirs …..

After walking down the hill, heading towards the corner community store that waits for some refreshments… resting in looking at the Cheung Chau’s shoreline in looking how each shoreline would’ve given him the very strategic advantage of using the natural environments.. Has the Cheung Chau’s hill side coastal side… walking down the coastal line from Cheung Po Tsai Cave.. Down towards the Coastal walk way find that sitting bench where Wong Tai Mui- Grace Chan and Cheung Po Tsai- Tony Huang sat as both were catching up, also how and wondering where did all his treasures in that cave all go after visiting the cave with Wong Tai Mui…

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Having walking downwards to the Cheung Chau Pier, noticing that the local community was getting ready for the Dragon Boat races, as they marked out the pontoons platforms as they began lowering their boats from the crane from the walkway, one by one…  in getting ready for some training., in which is called the Tuen Ng Festival. In which there Dragon boat races sits this year on 30th May 2017, in between ten in the morning towards four and half in the afternoon Hong Kong Time, where the Cheung Chau Typhoon Shelter is..  In where in Hong Kong there are least ten Dragon Boat races that going around the month of May…

The Origin of the Dragon boat race dates back least two thousand years ago.. in where one case there was a Chinese Poet – Qu Yaun.. Whom drown himself in the Mi Luo River…. In which the local people try to search and rescue him but to no avail so during the search and rescue the villages went on beating drums on the race to find him, then started to drop food in the river to divert the attention of fishes eating his body in which one food item is rice dumplings- sticky rice- wrapped in lotus or banana leaves, in which the leaves gives it additional aromic flavour..

香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without a blue box-TARDIS | Cheung Chau- Cheung Po Tsai Cave – Treasure cave...... Photographer @KevinJamesNg 2016
香港 #AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong- Adventuring without a blue box-TARDIS | Cheung Chau- Cheung Po Tsai Cave – Treasure cave…… Photographer @KevinJamesNg 2016

Walking back down towards the Cheung Chau Pier among this section of the waterfront from the Cheung Po Tsasi’s cave… has a stretch of storages of various aged to new Dragon boats, some dated in which you could tell by the worn conditions of the boat also the Dragon head’s worn paint also there wear and tear… as I walk down, Dragon boat racing is far more intense than watching Rugby or soccer.. it has history.. a massive long history.. Orthough China co-invented Soccer among with the Persians back in the Tang Dynasty days between 618 to 907 AD..

Continues.. ………………………