#StarTrekOnline | The #ResoluteClass – the Excelsior retrofit’s daughter- A Summary……!


The Excelsior Class and its refits has been one my classic favorites, despite it being  a Tactical and Engineering ship but it does hold on its own merits on fighting the fight for a very long time. As the Iconian war continues more heavy cruisers are needed to provide the support role with massive hulling in mind….

The Resolute Class is sleek, with chevron style saucer section and its long engineering hull orthough it’s not a frontal attack ship the best mode is whipping your beams from side to side and rotate the ship to your reduce shield drainage as you buy time to reload on your torpedoes..

As for the “Resolute Class” it’s an interesting class due to it’s a Jump ship in which will take you places much faster than other ships classes than. Also the added built to the Fleet Advance Heavy Cruiser has all the necessities of Advanced Transwarp Capabilities  in which you get to assist your fleet with the Alpha and Beta Quadrant in ten various locations.. At moment’s notice in which when you go racing it’ll gives that added vantage of been there before they do at moment’s notice at lower level…

This ship comes with two Universal consoles A universal console- Tactical Maneuvering Matrix with make it move faster with increase in turn rate and increase resistances  in damages… with reaching to the level five on the ships trait listings on the T6 Advanced Heavy Cruiser.. Unlocking, improving your weapons capabilities of your Aceton beam, overwhelming emitters can cause radiation damage inside three kilometer radius of your firing range to your opponents

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