Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.


As the battlements of Kaiju’s continues even after ten years from when we left of from The Battle of the Breach that unified Earth in the battlement against the Kaiju’s also created the upmost defensive policy for defending this Planet Earth’s History  also among the others in the Solar System we call Home.. Looking at the recruitment with Jake Pentecost – John Boyega – Star Wars – The Force Awakens.. Also is Liven Shao- Chinese Actress- Tian Jing- the Great Wall, with Mako Mori- Rinko Kikuchi- 47 Ronnin- Pacific Rim…

Among the Pacific Rim – Uprising seeming during the Ten years the Jaeger Technologies have improved to the point where one pilot can pilot the Jaeger instead of two previously Jaeger Mech- Robotics designs  in where one used as back up co-pilot… Should be interesting in what the Kaiju have been up too given that they were defeated..  movie set to screen out on 23 February 2018….. produced by Legendary also with Universal…


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