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This year “Doctor Who Christmas Special” features nostalgically elements back to Colin Baker’s Doctor Who days with elements of “El Loco Doctor Mysterio’   in taking up those elements also having a comic book character include the Christmas special written by Written by Steven Moffat Directed by Ed Bazzlgette… In which it takes place in New York where this episode is like Batman and Robin premise to it… The story outline is that the Doctor teams up with an investigative Journalist- Charity Wakefield becomes a superhero like Superman, or Supergirl whom tries, save new York from an out world threat, as the Doctor returns to New York is also the place where his in-laws “The Ponds” Amelia and Rory Ponds-Williams-Karen Gillian, Arthur Darvill into 1938 have been pulled out from his fix point in time by the weeping angels- The Angels Take Manhattan..  Also joining the Christmas special is Justin Chatwin whom plays Grant hence the G on the suit…

In this we see Doctor investigating some sort of chamber with some, whom pretends to be some Special agent Dan from Scotland Yard… investigating also is  reporter Lucy from the Daily Chronicles, also is Nardole- Matt Lucas into this company whom is housing secretive experiments  in where the Nancy Drew team trio are intercepted by Villain with a gun.. as the trio with surrendering hands, there are rescued by the Batman like Hero in Mark G like Supergirl’s S logo…

Among of the Christmas special, is also it’s the first time we get to see Bill- Pearl Mackie in action also a reprisal from the previous Christmas special that features the Husbands of River Song (Alex Kingston)… In which features Matt Lucas as Nardole in which seemingly he’s in one piece…

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